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>Hello, I know it’s wee early in the morning, but my body clock’s kind of messy right now… If only i was in the States… Hehe! I had a blast on Thursday and Friday, man! It’s all about old friends and old everythings.

So I met up with Mandy for the Choir Farewell… we were invited, okay? We didn’t just thrash the event. MUAHAHAHAA! Met the teachers and juniors and all that. Quite pleasant, I guess. Took lots of pictures!

Yes, the main factor of fun FUN FUN! is the SUBWAY GATHERING. woots! i finally got to see them again, man! it’s been a hell of a good time! Shuhui and I met at noon to shop in town, bought a dress thatI’ll wear to the wedding… MUAHAHAHA! I think i’ll just jeep on building on my wardrobe along with the events coming up… teehee! Jerica and XinYing met up with us later, and we ate and drank and walked around. Sakae buffet was okay-ish. No, I don’t really like the experience this time. I didn’t manage to eat alot of mayo corn. Stupid CWP Sakae. Isabel joined us pretty late, so we tucked in first, until the conveyor belt became empty and our orders didn’t come, and the tables are filled with nothing but empty plates. WHAT THE HELL RIGHT!? angered the shit out of me. Then we spent time talking and laughing and dissing the crew who came and went past us with trays of whatever they are carrying. I think we’re the most boisterous and noisy people in there. Stupid management, I no like. I didn’t even have a full stomach after the buffet! But in the meantime we took lots of pictures. You shall see how messy is our table, filled up with not food, but empty plates-.- I think what was with us all the time was the green tea that we have to refill OURSELVES. Jerica was so funny, nobody bothered to refill her iced water and in the end she filled the cup with hot water and waited for it to cool… What a sucky meal experience, and a lousy service crew. Disgrace Singapore only:(

And I would have gone home thinking all the corn had been eaten by the chicken if one of the waitress hadn’t told me there was no more corn AT THE END OF THE BUFFET-.- It still pissess me off, actually. Argh!

Then we went to XinYing’s house to spend the night. Originally we said we would play mahjong and all that, but we skipped all of that and had heart-to-heart talks all morning, til 6AM. The feeling was so great, having to be able to spill my guts out about everything that has happened and catching up with their lives in return. I missed the times we still used to see each other almost everyday in school and when our world only revolved around woodlands area. More or less la:)

Jerica had to leave early for her class CIP, while the rest of us slept til 2 in the afternoon. I brought Xinying and Isabel to Zi Zai Vegetarian and went to cut side bangs. HAHAHAA! Eh thanks for giving me the courage! Now I’ll know whether I’ll regret it or not. But I’m still adjusting to the bangs la, zzz!

There’s so much pictures to post, and so little time.

And I don’t really know how to manage my throes of pictures already.

If one day my laptop just goes off like that, IT’S THE END.

But I’ll still take my time posting it.

Oh yea! I still have to edit and photoshop away Shuhui’s blemishes! WHAHAHAS!

They’ll be flipping mad at my slow speed, so to Shuhui, Isabel, Xinying and Jerica, HERE’S A SPOILER!!



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June 26, 2010 at 3:43 AM

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