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>something new, and back to the old.

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>yes, I’ve bought a NIKON D5000.

and yes, I’ve gotten a TUMBLR account

and here it is!

my photo blog…

click the screenshot to access, TYVM(:

Okay, back to the old, where I’m most comfortable. teehee! Holidays are meant for gatherings, not homework. or e-learning, for that matter. So, we had a HUANGZU gathering at kbox, which was damn cheap, $8 for 4 hours, where to find! Still got free drink somemore. Then we sang those usual songs and all that. Very fun, everyone’s still the same hyped-up people, no matter they are in JC or poly, it’s just that we don’t stand on the couches and jump and dance to high songs any more. As I’ve said, old liao ma… And where was I? On the sidelines fiddling with my DSLR. YAY, actually those online manuals and all that doesn’t help much, you just have to really get down and dirty with it and bring your camera or whatever wherever you go and experiment with it. Don’t have to go baby steps and buy so many cameras just to ‘prepare’ yourself for the real DSLR by purshasing a semi one first. Waste money lor! RIGHT IVAN???!

So, yea, we had fun. After that we met up with Meixia and Hippo to have vegetarian zi char at an unknown place in AMK. Meixia now pro liao lor! She really knows places where there’s good vegetarian food man! Gotta go there sometime with my family as well:D

for pictures, PLEASE GO TO MY PHOTO BLOG! HAHAHAA! I don’t want to upload them here again, it’s a waste of time! I’m soo looking forward to the gathering on thursday and friday with the SUBWAY! ***MISSES!!!***


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June 21, 2010 at 11:12 PM

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