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>goodbye, hello

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>first week of poly, RS Speech Day.

it’s such a bittersweet thing.

goodbye and hello, what an awesome title!

Okay, so let’s start with RS Speech Day. It’s such an unforgettable homecoming, I’ll always remember Riverside Secondary and my wonderful days there. So Mandy and I went early to visit our dear choir, and noticed something new to their beautifully imperfect costumes. Hahahaha, what a way to describe their costumes, eh? but it’s their voices that matters most, so don’t worry ah! Once you graduate all these will be at the backs of your minds already;D It’s such a wonderful feeling to come back to choir and have the realisation that I was once a fellow member going through what they were doing then. After that we went down to assemble and all that, by the secondary school method. Hahaha! I sort of miss times like that where we were being shouted and commanded at. Then we had the prize giving in the hall which is so cold; another thing I love about RS, its air-conditioned hall(: And so we got our awards and went backstage, where Mr Low was. Met up with Shuhui there and went out together. Then we saw our lovely Mrs Lee Ai Hoon! WOOHOO! She’s the reason I got such good results for my humanities. My favourite teacher, no doubt. I missed her man! We talked alot, of our poly and friends and all that. I got some really good advice from her on the scholarships stuffs. I think I’m gonna go for the bond-free NP scholarship. It’s such a lovely chat and catchup, we managed to chat for almost an hour or even more. In other words we missed the rest of the prize presentation and performance. We even talked about how she used to scold us and the recent visit to pure life again. Awww I really missed secondary school man! Lunch was great, even the vegetarian buffet. Yes, there was vegetarian buffet although there’s not much ‘patrons’ for it. Food was nonetheless great, especially the curry!!!

Jerica got tickets to the Brands performance thingy where there’s Leehom, so Shuhui and me grabbed the tickets instantly and went wild with excitement. We rushed to the gigantic NUS where we got lost and had to hail a cab to get there. And, the cab ride was for free! Hahahahaa! The performance wasn’t what we expected-a whole hour or two of WLH where there will be fans interaction and all that. But nonono, we got it all wrong. Instead we were showcased piano and violin performances by students in Singapore. Taufiq Batisah came, Ruien, and HAdy Mirza too. Luckily Leehom graced the event too, if not it would have been a wasted trip for me. We got to hear him speak english LIVE, although he mumbled and we don’t understand a word of what he’s saying, and most importantly we got to hear him sing LIVE! Although it’s only one song, that’s enough for me already, since we didn’t have to fork out money or squeeze with other crazy fans and we can make isabel jealous! So, yea, it was great. In fact, it was fabulous!

Let’s go on with poly life. We’ll be having weekly attachments with childcare centres in all the 3 years of our poly life, so i can’t wait for that to be sorted out. School was quite fun, but there’s still decisions to be made and all that, so yea, there’s still things to be sorted out. Scholarship’s been a problem, but I’ll just wait for the interview date to come and I’ll worry about it then:D And, in order to get the scholarship I MUST have a CCA, which I havent, yet. Mrs Lee said you must choose something that you are good at, and most importantly, interested in. Hmms. I’m still not sure, but i was thinking of joining the acapella team? But I’ll feel like I’ve backstabbed TAS or something for joining other acapella teams. So we’ll discuss that aye, Mandy? And hopefully my weekends would not be touched AT ALL.

Okay that’s all for today, no more.

It’s a long day tomorrow, so I’d better sleep early. HOPEFULLY./


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April 25, 2010 at 10:02 PM

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