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the past 2 weeks had been the most stressed up weeks of my entire ‘non-studying’ period. the enrolment package arrived, and god, there’s so many forms to fill in, deadlines to meet, blah blah blah. i nearly collapsed into tears when i first opened the damn brown envelope up and realised i know monkeys about the whole shitty thing. yikes, so that’s what adults face almost everyday in their wonderfully carefree lives. urgh, the price you have to pay to grow up. i’d rather be a kid for the rest of my life. now i know, there’s nothing like a perfect and stress-free adult life anywhere in this whole wide world. if not what are we down here on earth for? to enjoy? i don’t think it’s that simple. so this is the price i have to pay in order to own an ATM card, iphone, ipod, laptop… argh, just look at how fair the world has suddenly become. HAHA, so philosophical, gekteng-_-

Sadly to say, my mom wasn’t the least interested to answer my queries, not even to read the guide. at least i think so. but luckily ah ngor ah yi read it during my super long stay at ahma’s and explained everything to me. haha, now i know what is interbank giro, singpass and all that adult stuffs. i even have to explain it to mummy-.- but with the internet it’s even more convenient, but sometimes i will feel so lazy i’d rather forget about the whole poly shit and get on with my current meaningless life. that’s so pathetic, eh?

i wonder how the JC students are doing. hmms.

Jovianne’s been growing up real fast, and as days passed, her strength grew. i think she’d be a karate champion, or even an olympic swimmer one of these days. WOOHOO i can’t wait for her to grow up!

i’ve just taken my theory grade 8, and i don’t know how it went, honestly. i can just hope for the best, since i’ve already put in my effort. the question of whether i’ve transfered all my effort into that paper and all that, i don’t know. you know, grade 8 examnimations seems to be an event so great one might have already gone bonkers even before starting the damn paper itself. so another factor to great results is: the current state of mind DURING examination, not only before them. so, don’t ask me about that anymore, we’ll come back to it when the results come back.

And finally the most awaited night of the year finally came. it’s the stayover of the LADIES! hahahaa! that’s what isabel usually called us(shuhui, xinying, jerica, isabel and me dearest). we had a stayover party at xinying’s where we played mahjong, watched movies, cooked and ate dinner plus supper, chatted and unleash our dreaming and sleeptalking potentials. yep, it’s a whole chunk of intra-discovery(?) among ourselves! and now’s the time to consider the survival of our friendship. haha! JOKING! isabel’s becoming more lesbian by the way!

you probably don’t understand a single thing i’m talking about.

well proceeding on. i’ve found a permanent(hopefully)source of income!… or how do i call it? a tuition student, much thanks to my dad’s sister. and even more good news is that i’m now taking over all his subjects instead of only mathematics. amen. i hope i do well… i mean him. everyone seems nice, though. shouldn’t be a problem i guess…

well, i shall just hope for the best in my wonderfully unknown future then!

okay, i’m going to watch the last episode of the magic show thingy, tootles!


Written by GekTeng

March 17, 2010 at 9:18 PM

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