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>Back in Action!

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>YAY, I’m finally back blogging here and making my days have a lasting impression for me when i’m older. yeah, i don’t know how to explain, but i always like to know that after many years i will come back to read posts that i’ve written earlier on. well, and if i really wanted that, i will have to start writing often! if not what shall i come back to years later then? hahaha!

updates on my life… HMMS.
i guess my brain has grown somewhat denser after not blogging for so long. hell, i’ve not written an essay or anything like that since my olevels english paper! so, if you are wondering, yes, i’ve been slacking like the black pig that i saw in thailand years ago.

and for that matter, the pig looks like THIS if you are wondering…

i worked for the month of december, yes, the season of giving, and yes, i worked on both christmas day and new year, which are both PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. but other than that, the others don’t really suck. i met and bonded with some crazy colleagues, and i was glad isabel and bernice were here with me too, having fun together. we even had christmas celebration! really fun, it’s been a wonderful time!

And on the 5th of january, we welcome another member into our family – baby jovianne! note: my mom didn’t give birth, nor was she pregnant for the past 10months. she’s my aunt’s child>.

the olevel results were released on the 11th, just 2 days away from my 17th birthday. much to my surprise, i got into the roll of honour, clinching 6distinctions(: it was good enough for me! and i was so happy for mandy for her results that i ‘fainted’ the second time. the decision making wasn’t as smooth sailing as i thought it would be. with an l1r4 of 7, i could actually enrol into any course i wanted, but i was still thinking about my 15point course – early childhood education. my parents supported every decision i make, and my piano teacher supported me all the way, but the rest wasn’t that supportive of my decision. they said it was a waste. but nonetheless, i got into ECH, and hell, I AM SO HAPPY. for real!

i loved my birthday presents! Shuhui, Jerica, Xinying and Isabel did a DIY calendar for me. that was the most perfect present EVER! even my mom was touched by their thoughtfulness. thanks, guys! bernice, mandy, huiting and the rest gave me an ‘AHTING!’ bracelet that reminded me of john and jenny, my wacky colleagues. only regina called me ‘gekteng’, for that matter of fact.

oh yea, i got an iphone too! as a reward for my outstanding performance. hahaha! i sounded too arrogant to be true, but well, i indeed got an iphone, but i’m still racking my brains on how to use it. the itunes and all made it even more confusing than ever for me. and i’m going to continue figure out the thing after this blogpost. sometimes i really regretted getting it. but other than the syncing problems, the phone was GREAT. it was so touch sensitive i wanted to touch it all the time. HAHAHA!

and i just wanted to share my latest obsession: 下一站幸福! A.K.A autumn’s concerto. damn touching i tell you, but what happens behind the scenes is another story. episode 6 made me cry and cry and cry. i was lucky to have not started to watch it when shuhui and jerica recommended this drama to me in early oct. cos’ it was hellishly addictive! i loved the behind-the-scenes featurette, each and every one filled with laughter and tears. well mostly laughter. i didn’t know Van Ness was so hot. An Yi Xuan used to be the character in the chinese paladin that i hated very much, but oh my god, i have to kowtow her for her awesome acting skills! xiao xiao bing melted my heart when he joined in the drama at episode 7. loved every single bit of it. they were seriously so cute! but overall, for taiwanese idol dramas, this one seemed to be filled with alot more sorrow than the rest. i guess that’s what made me start to watch the dramas again. this one’s filled with so much emotions – all thanks to the brilliant actors and actresses that portrayed the feelings and characters so well i was deeply mesmerised by the whole story plot and everything. so sweet and SUPER CUTE!

oh yea, i’ve just moved one of my pianos into my room yesterday, and i guess my room’s almost ready for chinese new year!(after i tidied everything up…) and i was so cropped up with my room and the baby that i haven’t even bought a single thing for the CNY. and woohoo! i’m going shopping with the SUBWAY GANG A.K.A SHUHUI JERICA XINYING ISABEL AND GEKTENG TOMORROW! IT’S BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME! and finally we can meet up again! i can’t wait!


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February 7, 2010 at 12:02 AM

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