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>passed the final hurdle.

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>YAY. O’S ARE FINLLY OVER. feels weird. the feeling of unease is slowly starting to overwhelm me, especially during the times when i’m alone. i wonder how i’d do? i hope for the best, the feeling of waiting sucks.

so, there’s this list of things waiting for me to do after the exams. days that i’ve been daydreaming for ages have finally arrived and i ain’t doing anything yet. haha. sometimes i just want to bask in the time of doing nothing. but then again, i feel i wasted all those time.

so there’s the list:
– catch up on theory work
– burn all my secondary school stuffs
– repaint my room
– get new furnitures
– tidy up my new room
– find job!
– oh yeah, get ready for PROM!

i’ve already got on several trips to town to shop and job-hunt. went far east yesterday and bought my prom dress. quite nice. i’m pleased. now it’s just the cludge and the shoes. and what am i going to do with my hair?!?!?! this is driving me crazy. but, anything for the night of the nights, right? haha, i guess everything will eventually come to place when the time comes.

got to go, i feel like watching HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!


Written by GekTeng

November 14, 2009 at 10:10 PM

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