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>yes, i haven’t been typing a real post for so long already. so much has happened, and it seemed so unbelievable i’ve already graduated from Riverside. i still remember the day when the last batch were having their graduating ceremony, we were still at humanities lesson with mrs lee, saying how we would cry during graduation, and how mrs lee thinks it’s stupid judging that we’ll be coming back for lessons and o levels. sighs, the wonderful memories… i didn’t take alot of pictures as i’m the emcee and all the time backstage struggling with my parts. the only regret i have is not taking a picture with my fellow partner HUMAIRAH. ugh.

bernice and me cried when we watched the graduating video backstage. we’ve spent so much time making the speech and video to perfection. THANKS ISABEL, YOU’VE DONE SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB, I DON’T KNOW WHY THE LAST PART IS CUT OFF. i’ll snag pictures from isabel. those raw ones.

lunch was great, and FREE. lols. the chinese rice uncle who used to tease me all the time gave me 2 freshly fried bananas, and me and cuiping went crazy and acted like drama queens. oh yea, mr low gave us graduating gifts too. pencil and eraser. the pencil is exactly what i needed at that moment. THANK YOU MR LOW(:

the 5 of us, XINYING, JERICA, ISABEL, SHUHUI AND ME, are officially called SUBWAY. hahaha! it’s just so much so that we spent most of our time shopping, and after that going to subway for meals. ahh, all the subways we’ve been to~ we went to buy rings for ourselves. hahaha!

so here are the ‘artistic’ pictures i’ve taken earlier on, at the same time trying to figure out my camera’s macro mode. it’s so fun!

for your information, i’m not married or engaged or whatsoever. the ring at the back is HUANGZU’S, and the ring in front is my new SUBWAY’S(:

other pictures after i get them. check out facebook or something. haha i shall continue looking at isabel’s photos(:


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October 2, 2009 at 12:53 AM

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