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>hi, it’s the september holidays now, and i have more time to blog, i guess. haven’t been really mugging much, except for saturday. i stayed in ahma’s house til tonight, and somehow, after leaving that lively and noisy palace in yishun and coming back to this quiet home, i felt empty. there’s like, no one to talk to and all, maybe it’s just me, who doesn’t want to open up… but yeah, if that’s the case, i doubt nothing much will change too. the times i spend at home is somewhat insignificant to make me do something about it. I GUESS.

so… i’ve bought the latest NICHOLAS SPARKS BOOK, THE LAST SONG. actually i’ve just realised the movie is coming out january next year, even before DEAR JOHN hits theatres. so, yea, i think i have abit of catching up to do! can’t wait for the movies!

oh yea, xinling, BANDSLAM???

well, days spent at ahma’s were always fruitful. i get to get pampered and fattened up before i hit on the books again. i finished reading sophie kinsella’s REMEMBER ME? and i thought it was a good read. at least after being so melancholic after my nicholas sparks days. that book’s so hilarious i almost laughed my tooth off. okay, a bit way too off, but you get the point.

i watched g-force with ahleng ahyi, and cousins, and their cousins, which explains the title if this post. haha, the 2 little ones are cute. they actually reminded me to really work hard for o’s and towards my desired course in the poly. hopefully, i can get in, i’ll keep my fingers crossed! well, that movie’s quite cool, it’s like the kiddy version of TRANSFORMERS. and with a moral behind, as usual. i’m beginning to love disney flicks more and more. i wonder how long will it take to have my cable tv back again, DAD?

something’s been bugging my mind since my piano lesson on saturday. sighs. i’ve been thinking of postponing my grade 8 practical examination to july instead of having it on march next year. there’s always so much things to do, and so little time. i still have my theory examinations on march to fret on. sighs, life’s a climb, but i know i have to keep on climbing. hopefully the view is so great i melt. haha. so, problem is, i don’t know how to get this through my mom. postponing examination dates= more fees to pay. how can i get the message through that there’s more chance to score if i’m given more time to prepare? and honestly, who doesn’t want to pass their grade8 WITH FLYING COLOURS asap? i’d be glad to do so if i had the capabilities to, so that i can earn big bucks sooner. but problem is, i’m not sure i can. there’s still so many things to do, and i really wouldn’t like life after the o’s to be solely dedicated for piano only. ms chong said it would be better to postpone, and i understand. but will my mom accept it? sighs.

but i’ve decided. if she’s on the fence about it, god knows what i’ll do but to pay the ‘extra’ fees myself. and i’ll dedicate the song ‘heartless’ to my mother too!

lols, joking. i don’t think my mom’s gonna make me pay. but she’s gonna nag, no doubt. key to solving the problem is EFFECTIVE PERSUASION.

way to go, GAN GEK TENG.


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September 7, 2009 at 10:09 PM

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