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>teachers’ day(:

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>yes, finally after so many donkey years, I BLOGGED AGAIN. lols. not that i didn’t want to blog often, but i didn’t really have the luxury of time to do so. and i guess this situation will continue up to after olevels ba. evening academy has started and sometimes i get home really late, like about 9. so, yea. i’ll be too dead beat to so anything contructive already. now, home seems like a hotel to me. just to eat sleep shit. wth. that’s so not cool. and i miss AHMA. sobs.

okay, we rounded up the teachers after the concert and took another class picture. not all is present, but at least most of us are. i don’t know where mr radha went after the concert, feels like he disappeared into thin air, but i was really proud of the class for doing their part in making the teachers’ day cards. at least everyone put in the effort. i love these kind of group works and all. ok enough crap, and here’s another 2 thousand words for today:D


Written by GekTeng

August 31, 2009 at 9:59 PM

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