Confessions of a Sentimentalist

jotting the history; living the moment; dreaming the future

>yesterday’s fun, today’s memories.

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>when? yesterday.
who? isabel, jerica, shuhui, gekteng

points for summary?
-mixed up tampines mall and 1.
-bought my new wallet. FINALLY.
-drooled over jap food
-new favourite shop: urban write.
-taxi-ed to ikea, cos gong le.
-ikea not as fun and memorable as the first time, but overall enjoyed ourselves.
-ikea’s soft ice-cream changed
-and WE don’t like it.
-reached pasir ris park after much efforts.
-ate and walked and camwhored.
-jerica and shuhui had their FIRST AND LAST rope climbing.
-played with some kids
-and almost forgot my cell.
-went back to isabel’s, bathed and suppered
-yakked and did a few things
-slept like a pig
-woke up for brunch and watched jap drama
-which had a weird ending.
-and here i am now, DEAD BEAT.

the rest will be posted after i got all the pictures from isabel, and my beloved thumbdrive from joel(:


Written by GekTeng

August 11, 2009 at 8:43 PM

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