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>wow, i’ve got so many things to post suddenly. the end of prelims sure gave me so many opportunities to embrace a carefree lifestyle that i’ve come to enjoy over the years. for the record, i finished reading 2 books, and had the time of my life with huiting and clique and the usuals for HUANGZU.

let’s talk about the lunch first. we went to celebrate xinling’s belated and zhaoyi’s birthday yesterday at pizza hut. god, it’s real fun and wacky, although most of the time i’m buried in the contents of my lovely book, I ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED:D. so we bought a cake and had some special request. actually what kind, i didn’t really know at first, cos’ huiting’s the activity overall-in-charge this time. hahaha! it’s quite cartoon though. she acted like one of the staffs in ‘black shirt’ by actually wearing one herself, and led us like a tourguide in causeway point when we’re scouting for presents.

so we ate and crapped and ate. god, i remembered how hungry i was; going straight to the library with bernice they all, looking at baby names and all. it’s really so hilarious back there. oh yea, THANKS HUITING HOR! lol, i was busy reading my book and she was the one who took my order(remember the thing about the staffs in black shirts?) and did all the arrangements for me and my food. i’m thankful la, friend! but pizza hut, being pizza hut, served up the wrong thing, which i expected, and while everyone’s food was already served up, they actually waited for mine to come AGAIN before eating. as usual, we started after ‘ITADAKIMAS!-ing’ which was real sweet. such darlings; my friends.

after that we actually stayed back for admin stuffs. lols! it was so funny. because the tables and chairs were lined up in a way that reminded me of a scene in THE PRINCESS DIARIES, were everyone was seated in 2 rows with a table in between them, i was tempted to try one of the practices i’ve seen in the movie during that scene. THAT WAS TO USE THE SPOON TO KNOCK THE SIDE OF THE GLASS CUP. lols! and it served its purpose! soon enough, everyone ws looking up and paying attention. everyone as in, including people seated near us. strangers. so it was quite an experience. i can’t wait for all the gatherings and chalets we’ll be planning! WOOTS!

after that some of them(the main comm, i suppose…LOLS!) went MIA for a while, looking for the cake perhaps. and when they returned the whole pizza hut was filled with the song ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~’ sung by, i think, a choir person. on the radio i mean, lol! it’s so choir-ish i freaked out. i didn’t even know there’s this kind of services provided in pizza hut and even suspected they would charge us more GST in the end. which eventually didn’t happen. THANK GOD. so everyone freaked out, but luckily maintained a composure. well, everyone except me i guess. i was laughing until i literally wanted to roll on the floor. such a surprise for everyone; not only the birthday girls.

so we ate again, the cake this time round. actually i don’t think we eat, i think we stuffed ourselves with the cake. can you imagine how full you already are after eating a whole serving of pasta and soup? if you can’t, YOU REALLY CAN’T IMAGINE IT. but some of us really nearly exploded. i didn’t even felt like eating dinner when i reached home, AND JERICA WENT TO THE RESTROOM 4 TIMES WITHIN ONE HOUR.

yanjun bernice jerica peck and me went shop around to get rid of the excess food in our stomachs, while the rest went to yueqi’s house ‘swimming’. the one without water, you know! so we went to popular and stood at a place and chatted about stuffs. haha, i didn’t even know why we’re doing this, but everything seemed natural enough and soon we’re beginning our small-talk session right in the middle of nowhere. random, i know, but i got used to it.

then we went library again, where i continued reading THE BOOK, and the rest looking for DIY books to challenge themselves on. then eventually we went home la.

okay, now PART II. THE BOOK.

actually i’ve waited so long since i’ve finished the book to say this:


ahh! finally said it. such wonderful stories. i wept alot yesterday. GOD, HELP ME.

was reading ‘the choice’ by nicholas sparks. he’s such a good writer; makes readers fall in love with his characters, and takes a twist in the story, making readers like me weep. LITERALLY. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. especially i was innocently out there imagining zac and vanessa were the couple. makes me cry even more in the end. LUCKILY IT WAS A HAPPY ENDING. or else i’d go hunt nicholas sparks down and demand an alternate ending immediately.

i had thought ‘a walk to remember’ was already an achievement of mine – if not his – but ‘the choice’ was the first book that made me cry so much tears literally started like a tap with water flowing. okay, enough of that.

another book i’ve completed was ‘just beyond the clouds’. gosh, i wished i could purchase all these favourite books of mine so i can read it whenever i want. this was the second installment for the cody gunner series. the last one too. i’m just fated to meet the first book JUST AFTER i completed the second one. well, i didn’t give the first a try, because i literally knew what happened there when i read the second one. so, yea. it’s with meixia now. A THOUSAND TOMORROWS. cheesy, AND TOUCHING. and now i’m scared of books that will actually make me cry. oh, karen kingsbury is the author by the way.

make a grab for those books and read them if you have the chance. woodlands library has quite an array of karen kingsbury’s books, and yishun’s one has some of nicholas sparks when you go there at the right time.

so, yea, that’s about it. i can’t believe i typed such a long post at the start of the day. i’m sure mr tsung or miss jasmine lim will be proud of me. HAHA! today’s national day celebration in school. OUR LAST ONE IN SCHOOL. OMIGOD. why is there always a last to EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING?! i don’t like it. i don’t like farewells, and i don’t like a last EVERYTHING. the feeling just sucked, especially when it’s with people whom you’ve come to relate to so much more in a way or another.


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August 7, 2009 at 5:54 AM

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