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>too fast to catch up on life.

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>i haven’t been posting alot about the happenings. yea, my life’s going at a pace too fast for me to record the history down. and i think i’m deteriorating at expressing stuffs. so yea.

everyday’s been cramped up with studies, studies, and MORE STUDIES. it’s the prelims this week and the coming week, until thurday, but i believe everyone will somehow start to loosen up after tuesday’s Additional Mathematics and Pure Chemistry Paper 2s. yes, there’s a ‘s’ behind the ‘2’. i believe we’re going to have SO MUCH FUN tackling the papers. UGH.

many people have been sick these few days. people i’ve come in contact with. i wonder why i’m not sick YET. isabel missed the whole week of prelims, xinying missed everything except the paper on tuesday, and bernice missed the physics despite studying, and helping us study so hard. sighs. WASTED./ other than that, i guess the other side where the boys are, well, they still came for the papers. but. sick nonetheless. hahaa! if i was destined to be sick, please let me get sick within this period and not during the o’s or else i’ll really DIE.

been reading some books too. the imaginary friend book is quite nice. SORRY BRENDA I FORGOT TO PASS IT TO YOU YESTERDAY. OMG. lols! can tell she’s really wanting to read that book. haha. now i’m reading this book ‘Just Beyond the Clouds’ by Karen Kingsbury. quite interesting. it’s about this teacher teaching adults who had Down Syndrome and all. borrowed ‘A Bend in the Road’ by Nicholas sparks too, but gave asnira to read it first. i can’t wait to read that one too!

oh yea, i forgot to mention about racial harmony. our class had the most number of people wearing ethnic costumes! WOOHOO! and the award? 90BUCKS WORTH OF VOUCHER. FROM THE SCHOOL BOOKSTORE. yikes! at least popular’s a better choice la, come on. zzz. Mani was like so suave on that day me and isabel literally melted. whahahaas! okay, i think isabel was the one who really melted. but it’s been fun, we went all around the school taking pictures, despite of the 1m contact rule everyone has to follow in due of the H1N1 situation. i can’t wait for the pictures!

pictures are posted in my facebook, so take a look if you want, cos’ i’m lazy to post it in here. AND I HAVE NO TIME! been studying and making notes in preparation for my pure chemistry paper 2. ugh, i hope it helps. i guess i don’t have much problems with chemistry, ALL THANKS TO MDM JO. but the problem of math arises. if only we still had mdm nora, i wouldn’t be suffering so much now, but a balanced suffering of math everyday. which is, i guess, worth it. lols.

ookay, i’m going to get back to serious mugging. the house is in so much peace now. perfect for mugging. gotta make use of this. WHAHAHAAS!


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August 2, 2009 at 12:03 PM

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