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>my heart is aching.

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>oh man oh man.

i’ve just watched A WALK TO REMEMBER. and it’s FABULOUS.

touched my heart a great deal now it’s aching from it. HOW CAN JAMIE SULLIVAN DIE!?!?!

i think i cried a whole pacific ocean for that one. MY OH MY.

“Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offence and is not resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sin,
But delights in the truth.
It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope,
And to endure whatever comes.”

SUCH A GREAT MOVIE. plot’s kind of outdated, but i liked it nevertheless.

next. shuhui’s birthday. i’ll just post pictures. they can replace so many thousand words for me!

and for those who’s cracking their heads on how to surprise your friends, this is an inspiration for you:

other than these wonderful moments i’ve got, life has been tougher than ever. school’s really stressing. but i love chemistry lessons. mdm jo is always my source of encouragement and hope, never failing to spur us on and give us the support and faith we all need when almost every teacher teaching us has had their backs against us, finding faults and everytthing. we’re not really a good class to teach, but under mdm jo’s way of teaching and her understandings, the class got controlled real well. hmms. controlled can’t be the word. i guess when you like someone, your mind is just set to coorperate and listen to that person more. i can see our class got hugely affected my mdm jo’s constant support and understanding. I LOVE YOU MDM JO!

i lost my pencil case today, and i’m very sad. it’s that favourite red colour wildcats one HUANGZU gave me for my 15th birthday. i really miss it so much. but i’ve came to know that, sometimes one can get real touched and all when you’re in some trouble, and frinds come to render help. i want to thank joel for being so kind. lent me so many stuffs to get my work done. especially your calculator. lols. bernice and the rest were helping me look for it in school and all. going to general office, announcing to the whole class i’ve lost my pencil case and all. mr wong even consoled me and said his son loses his waterbottle every now and then too. so cute. haha! but ‘just move on,’ he said. >.< sighs, i guess i'm going to flood the whole earth when we graduate. sorry, mother earth.

here’s an interesting dialogue with isabel today…
isabel: oh man, i lost my beloved pencil of 2 years…
me: so what!?!? i’m left with only my pencil!!!

well, i wish i could find my pencil case back. i feel asif i’m bankrupt now. sighs. i miss it so much. such a great loss for me if i were to lose it forever. sighs. then i still have to prepare a profit and loss a/c. argh, COME BACK TO ME!


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July 10, 2009 at 8:27 PM

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