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>a week has passed…

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>hello. it’s finally the end of term 3 week 1 for us. god, i don’t think i’ve worked so hard all my life before! lessons starts at 8, finishes at 5. with only 1hour and 15minutes break time. seems just like work, but minus the salary.

been doing revision for POA, math is still progressing on the way. i may need to work abit harder for math. sighs! chem is still alright. physics? I DON’T KNOW. last year’s prelim papers are pretty demoralising. mr low just came back from LOA with a black face that i’ve come to dislike since the start of last year. mdm jo says he’s concerned about us, and i’m quite touched. haha! humans is still as good as before. i got like, 23 out of 25 for my focus SBQ test! woots! english, SHITTY. but we’re going to merge with bernice’s class! YAY!

chinese. just had chinese oral today. i guess it went pretty well, cos’ it’s about the youth olympics and stuffs, so i had things to say. was quite a sad thing i didn’t start and end my reading aloud really well. other than that, i guess everything’s fine(: now i just have to nail my listening compre and accept my fate. lols!

it’s been tough. and i’m sure the roads ahead will be tougher. i have to start revising for AMATH, damn. and start chionging on past year papers. there seemed so much things to do, i didn’t even know where and how to start. but i have to find a way. i can’t waste anymore time!

i’m addicted to the channel8 drama, the ultimatum’s theme song. i remembered i was doing my sciences on monday night after a gruelling first day at school. then i heard this song, and i literally broke down. lols! cos’ the last time i heard this song was at my ahma’s house. i love it there you know. it’s like a shelter and a place to hide from all your responsibilities after a frightful and stressful week. sighs, i wished i could stay with ahma. i wonder how will life be if i did? i’d be more happy, and cheery at home, i guess. i’ve been too quiet nowadays at home. and i hate the silence around me.

been planning very enthusiastically for the long-awaited shuhui’s birthday bash. tthe crazy plan i thought about few months ago obviously didn’t work out, as the highness eventually died down and soon enough no one was bothering about that crazy plan of mine. so we decided to do something else. our aim: to make shuhui cry. IT’S LIKE SO EASY! haha! birthday bash on monday, update details when free. hopefully i’ll get lots of pictures!

oh yea, tomorrow’s mani’s birthday. we bought a liverpool soccer ball for him and buried it deep under loads of snacks. i loved his response! when we took out the huge box, he was like ‘what the fish!’ then when he opened it and saw the boxed ‘filled’ with snacks, he was going ‘oh my god.’ then we called him to dig, and when he saw the ball he was like ‘oh shit oh shit I LOVE IT.’ woots! hooray for us! one more birthday down! i love birthdays! even if it’s not mine, i’m so happy of mani’s reaction! hahaha!

that’s all. i hope i’ll be able to cope with my studies and all the crazy things that are happening now. and i seriously hope school won’t close. if not that’s it for my olevels.


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July 3, 2009 at 8:47 PM

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