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>Student Council Farewell was nice, and i’m wise enough to just prove that to you with just one picture. well, a picture speaks a thousand words. VERY TRUE.

went to botanical gardens with aunts and parents. was so surprised when dad bailed out on work and went with us(: took some really awesome pictures using my macro mode on the camera. pictures turned out real great. met some really cute toddlers. a day i’ll never forget.

most of my 2 weeks holidays were spent at ahma’s house. i enjoy being pampered by them after these grueling months of torture. days were well spent there. LOVE THE FOOD ESPECIALLY!

went to uncle’s company function for screening of transformers. got a few free tickets and was asked to invite my friends. shuhui, isabel and xinying tagged along. had so much fun, and the movie was GREAT. optimus prime is SHUAI, and bumblebee is SO CUTE!

had a slumber party after that at my house. xinying couldn’t make it and had to miss out the fun. facebook-ed all night and yakked all night. shuhui is hilarious! she cooks good food, and talks funny. what a great friend.

that’s all. so much fun. i guess i’m in for a tough time after school reopens. GAMBATE GEKTENG!!


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June 28, 2009 at 4:12 PM

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