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>woots! yesterday was shuhui’s, jerica’s, xinying’s and my ULTIMATE SHOPPING SPREE!!! damn i saved so much just for this day man. and it’s so worth it!

we went to novena’s velocity first, where only xinying bought her brazil thing thing slippers. subway-ed, and saw hippo and jiahui. they were going for the icecream buffet with shawn and peeps. lols. i later realised it was such a wise decision not to join in. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. seriously, how much of icecream can you take?! hahaa. went to shop around and saw some really awesome fashion. hahaha. but i didn’t buy any of them. even in cotton on, where their really nice apparels ranged from only 5 to 10 bucks.

my ultimate goal is to purchase a backpack good enough for me to use for the rest of my life. so xinying bought us to raffles city shopping centre to look at bags./ seriously, i didn’t fall in love with any of them either. went to shop around and in played tetris on the way. THEY SAW SOME REAL HOT ANGMOR ON THE WAY. AND I DIDN’T SEE HIM. ARGH. stupid tetris.

mrt-ed all the way to jurong point to shop./ and i realised, when you’re mrt-ing with friends, time factor doesn’t matter alot. we were talking so enthusiastically that i had wished the ride could go on for abit longer.

but seriously, it’s so good there at jurong point!!! enjoyed my time there la. shopped aimlessly and looked at shoes, sports, and I SAW THE BAG I BOUGHT. was struggling of whether to buy it or not. quite MAN, that’s what they said, but it was everything i wanted in a bag! lols! so, DON’T CARE I JUST BUY.

and psst, xinying, DAKINE IS A GOOD BRAND. LOLS! i’ll prove it to you when you’re online;D

reached home at about 10+ and did some theory. i think i’m going to go miss chong’s place tonight and help her with her wallpaper. hahaa!


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June 13, 2009 at 1:56 PM

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