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>choir farewell…

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>today CHEM SPA. shouldn’t talk about it le. ARGH!

okay. just going to make it short so… we had pizzas for farewell. then had amazing race. team up with mandy wencong jonathan and muhaimin. WOOTS! WE WON! HAHA! 81points. OMGF!!! who ask we so good to our juniors~~~ MUAHAHAA! and i’m so proud of my pictionary de word ‘obama’ man! whees~~~

then we had waterbomb. i didn’t get wet, because i had my camera to protect me. did a PERFECT jumpshot with mandy and jasmine. which was really cool. shall get the picture from hawa! oh yeah, i still played ball with the guys and all. it’s so fun, makes me think of how my cousins and i would play when we were young. sighs, those are the carefree days~~~

watched another 3 episodes of the jap show. i can’t get its english name. but it’s really cute and touching. simple life FTW. HARHAR.

that’s it. i’ll post pictures when i collate everything(:

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June 5, 2009 at 9:49 PM

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