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>it’s time to say goodbye~~~

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>it’s time to say goodbye,
it’s time to take a bow,
we try our very best,
and now it’s time to take a rest.
it’s time to say goodbye
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye~~~


yes, tomorrow is my much-anticipated choir farewell. i’m so curious of what the new commitee had been up to. sighs. after 3 years of organizing and brainstorming the farewell parties for my beloved seniors, it’s finally my turn. time flies man. i’m already sec4. it’s so hard to believe. i guess i’ll give a summary of choir tomorrow after the farewell. plus some pictures to commemorate. or is it celebrate? LOLS. if only miss choo would be here… OMG i can’t imagine.

tomorrow is chem SPA2. i hope i’ll do just fine. and my graph will turn out right. mr low just gave out 19h30mins worth of physics papers for us to do. and he’s got alot more coming. so i’d better keep my fingers crosssed.

i hope i’ll be able to enjoy my day tomorrow, and get the feel of CHOIR once again. maybe it’s the last time. argh i miss my seniors. i hope my juniors will miss me too? HAHA!

hopefully i’ll be able to finish watching this jap drama by tomorrow. lols. it’s so nice!

okay, that’s it for now. look out for my yet another emo post tomorrow. 😀


Written by GekTeng

June 4, 2009 at 9:27 PM

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