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>hi! i guess i’m sounding better compared to my previous post…

well, let’s get this post started with a sweet note! (okay, it’s an inteview…)

Vanityfair: You’ve been with your costar Vanessa Hudgens for a while now. One of the nice things about you two is that you don’t hide your love from your fans.
Zac Efron: Why should I? That’d just make me look like a liar or hypocrite. Never mind the fact that it’s just something really wonderful that all the world and his brother can bear witness to our love. We just don’t have anything to hide.

VanityFair: Do you read what’s written about you and Vanessa in the internet then?
Zac Efron: No, most of it is just nonsense anyway. Vanessa and I are happy together. That’s all that counts. Vanessa is a totally amazing person with a big heart. When you’re in a relationship, appearances and what’s happening on the outside aren’t important: it’s about whether you fit together deep down inside. I’ve already had a couple of relationships where it became obvious after a while that we just didn’t have anything to say to each other.

VanityFair: What are you going to do after this interview?
Go into my hotel room and text Vanessa ‘cos it’s still way too early to call L.A.
so sweet!!! >.<

ok, back to business… i shall talk about the fun-filled weekend i had. well, not that fun, but still great:D i had a busy saturday la. morning went for extra physics lessons. seriously, after all these months, i’ve got to like mr low’s physics lessons alot. i think we should also give him the positive comments like how we criticised his teaching at the start of the year lor. well, if mr low, you’re reading this, YOU ROCK! HAHAHHAA! then i had to rush for a 45minute practical. well, not really rush, but i remembered i rushed home from school with jerica and reached home within 8minutes after boardinng the bus! then the ssame usual stuffs like theory and tuition blah… then met with the rest and made our way to esplanade for the tas youth voices concert. OH MY GOD IT WAS GREAT. LOLS! although some silly stuffs cropped up along the way, i was glad i made it to thee concert. I EVEN SAW MISS CHOO! AND HER BABY! AND I CARRIED HER BABY! but sadly he wasn’t in a good mood, and SLEEPY. but he was nonetheless cute! so hyper too. like miss choo, i guess. or should i say mrs angeline choo-sassarak(sp?). it’s good seeing her la. i feel so good! hahaha!

rushed to the nearest subway with weiloke and alicia and weile. it’s kinda weird, all the way it’s just weiloke and me talking crap. well, whatever ba. it was only after we got chased out of subway before WE SAW THE 24HOUR XINWANG CAFE JUST BESIDE IT.ARGH! WE SHOULD HAVE GONE THERE TO SUPPER INSTEAD! lols! blame on my starving stomach-.-
and we were lucky to have caught the last train home(:

sunday was alright. not a day i’d want to remember. i don’t want to be rude, but that doesn’t mean i’m happy about it. what thee hell. it’s an insider story. a story i’m not that proud to tell some billy tom mary or harry. so yea, i guess i’ll just skip that. spent the whole day frustrated and emotional. SERIOUSLY WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME. just thinnking of it made my blood boil. 101degree cecius.

okay so there was monday. I PASSED MY 2.4!! i almost burst into tears after the run, seriously. i’m so fortunate to have best buddies like peckyong, xinling, bernice, yueqi. especially xinling and peckyong, who endured and ran with me and pushed me the whole journey. i admit i was stubborn as a mule and just wouldn’t want to run. lols. i would have performed much better if it was a ball game instead-.- bernice and yueqi was at the starting point cheering for me. isabel,shuhui and jerica wanted to come but have to past their standing board jump first. but i’m so lucky i’ve got these good friends. made me senior year alot more memorable and meaningful. if not for them, i would have done alot worser. thanks thahira for giving me a plaster for my blister(HEY IT RHYMES!!!) and asnira for supporting me spiritually and a whole lot of people. i’m so fortunate to have met everyone. LOLS.

i’ve been chionging homework yesterday and today in school, so i didn’t have much to do today i guess. thee rest of my english shits left in school, forgotten. ALMOST. hahha! went to the library and borrowed a nicholas sparks book. oh yea. YESTERDAY I WENT TO THE SCHOOL LIBRARY AND FOUND A BOOK THAT I WANTED TO EAT IT UP LITERALLY; THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO VEGETARIAN FOOD. OH MY GOD. AND IT’S ACTUALLY A STUPID REFERENCE BOOK. WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T BORROW IT. so i went to the cookery area to see if i could find my dear book, but i gaveup and decided to spend one of the days going to the library todo some… ya know. COPYING-.-what the hell right. went to get school supplies after that. wow. I WITNESSED THE POWER OF TEAM SPIRIT TODAY MAN. bernice, xinling and ahting(hippo) just went alll around popular looking for stuffs for ahting(ME) while she checks out pens. lols. THANKS FOR MUCH FOR HAVING SUCH WONDERFUL FRIENDS. sorry huiting for not coming for dinner this week, maybe next week ba. cos although the times spent dinnering with you guys are all worth it, i really need to save some le.

and saying this reminds me of the dinner we had in pizzahut last friday. it was so cool. that assistant manager AMY was so great. REALLY APPRECIATED THE HELP SHE RENDERED US LA. OKAY, ME, I MEAN. doing so much for a vegetarian… such a lovely manager. HAHA! then mandy and shuli joined in and made our evening more interesting and ridiculous. one of the dinners i will remember for life. although most of the jokes cracked there has been long forgotten… EXCEPT FOR THE CAMEL AND ELEPHANT DE! LOLS! okok i better stop le, this post is getting SUPER LONG. people like mandy will faint when they see this. HAHHAA!


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May 19, 2009 at 9:12 PM

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