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>it’s been a hell of a week!

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>hello. currently being tortured by english work. argh! i shan’t say more, it only makes me more emo. it just seems that my hard work wasn’t being appreciated as everything turned out wrong. i don’t know what to do about them. and i don’t really want to care at the moment. so that’s that.

well, i’m glad to say that i’ve made real good use of the long holidays! not exactly chilling out, but only to the extent that makes me didn’t want to come back to school on tuesday. but well, it’s only after i came back, then i realised how much fun school can be, and how i miss all my wacky friends and stuffs.

so the holidays! i was out for almost the whole day; going shopping around AMK, then rushing for tuition. i made chocolate cornflakes at night to prepare for the mother’s day gathering on sunday. pictures will be posted later(:

and i read this really awesome book: UNEXPECTED by LORI FOSTER. thought those main characters were rather cute. it kept me awake til 3am that night! haha!

sunday morning my mother and i did sushi for the gathering. quite fun ba, i think. although i didn’t get to roll the sushi up. i was the mixer of the day! then went to ahleng ah yi’s house. although we were like ‘late’ for an hour, WE WERE THE FIRST TO ARRIVE! HAHAHA! went downstairs to play the helicopter with jarryl. I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GROUNDED! MY GOD. oh well, so that silly boy got the helicopter into the pool, and once got it into the mass of bushes. haha. thank god he was brave enough to make me push him up so that he can scramble through the plants to get the helicopter! actually he suggested doing that though! haha. So proud of him was i(:

then we went to the playground to play armyy. or that’s what he called. haha. it’s like a game of war where we shoot each other down. then came his idea of us teaming up to fight against the forces of evil. lols! it’s been so long since i played games like this! and it was damn fun too. haha!

after dinner i went up to the highest floor to watch the sunset. although i only got a small glimpse of it, it was sure very beautiful. and the sun set real fast too! after that we played mahjong and blah. quite fun la! hahaha! i’ve never played mahjong with my family members before lor! after that got to bath and went back to ahma’s place. the next day. as usual, ahma fed me with loads of stuffs. WOOTS! hahahaa! very nice la! i miss her cooking. didn’t get to eat her kangkong though.

okay i think that’s it for now. i still have to do my homework and stuffs.

embrace mother nature and what she has to offer; before it’s too late.


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May 13, 2009 at 7:33 PM

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