Confessions of a Sentimentalist

jotting the history; living the moment; dreaming the future

>my stomach’s grumbling.

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>here’s a disadvantage to staying up late: you will get hungry and eat at the wrong times. ARGH. that’s whaat i’m feeling now: HUNGRY! but i shouldn’t be eating anything now. hahaha. i guess.

just completed my homework; not really alot, it’s quite manageable, excluding the focus study WS, tuition papers and blah, ya, i think i’m done for the weekend. and now i just remembered i have a chemical bonding test to study for. and a spa test which is on wednesday. and another test on metal on thursday. OH MY~~~ ahahaha. argh my tys are in class! ouch. now. luckily i have assessment books. haha.

so i was playing and doing my homework all night long. was surprised ellis stayed up so late too, and seemed to be very in to facebook. haha! she introduced me to this new pet pet thing, where i got to adopt my own VAMPSTER. it’s super cute, i tell you. pop in to my facebook anytime possible! i also adopted pompee the flying giraffee at fluff friends in facebook today. haha! i guess i’m addicted too. lols. hopefully the addiction won’t last long. lols

went to ahleng ahyi’s house just now. my, i just love her house. haha! it’s kinda great lying out in the open air and staring at the skies with my mp3, and dozing off like that. it’s really very nice. i wonder what it would be like if i were to doze on in a grassland. my, my dream house, my dream life. too bad i have too much responsibilities to fulfil all these dreams of mine. but it’s okay, i’ll just have to continue dreaming, it’s not bad like that too, you tend to cherish the moments you have of peace and quiet. hahaha!

i guess i’ll continue reading my nora roberts later until i doze again. haha. it’s really nice studying at midnight where no one’s making noise. except for a few who were chatting rather noisily outside just now.

IT’S RAINING. argh. better not rain in the morning. i plan to go for a run before i sleep. but i think my plans won’t be working for me again this time. argh. 2.4’s coming. I WILL PASS. HAHAHA!


Written by GekTeng

May 3, 2009 at 3:30 AM

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