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>family and friends…

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>not really in a good mood right now. but this doesn’t stop me from blogging about my gorgeous family and friends!

yesterday was a gathering with friends. isabel,shuhui,weiloke,kaixian and me went to watch 252. request of isabel, but it was worth it anyway. GREAT MOVIE. got fooled by them that AMK hub caught fire and had to go orchard. luckily i’m not as blur as shuhui, if not i wouldn’t have gotten off the train with them. haha. and luckily shuhui wasn’t the one being fooled, if not it will bee very troublesome for us. HAHA! so we went to AMK hub to watch 252. wahh the cathay there got this super huge 17again poster right on top og the ticketing booths. the bigger it is, the more shuai zac efron is. and i just starred and starred for got knows how long. got this $10deal for a movie ticket and popcorn and drink. i would rather have a smaller popcorn and a larger drink, considering that my drink was already gone a few minutes after the show started, and my popcorn was only until 1/2 when i got this desire to puke. haha.

overall the movie was nice. better than i expected. haha. and the little girl really resembles jingyi lor! haha! and shee’s very cute. i’ve also learnt something. lives are very fragile. OMG we must really live life to the fullest and not have regrets. i’m going to live the kind of life i want. with mountains and barns and dogs and horses and lakes and a beautiful scenery just outside my window. wouldn’t it be nice. maybe that’s the reason why it’s only a DREAM. haha.

so after the movie we trained back home with kaixian and our subs. camped outside civic to eat our supposedly ‘dinner’. it was fun. and it was so relaxing. i just wish we could do that every now and then. after that we went to mac and chat. talked about lots of stuffs. family, friends, siblings, our future, our dreams… the list was neverending. i bet we’d never be able to stop if the time allowed. we carried on until almost 12midnight then we went on our separate ways home. THANKS WEILOKE FOR SENDING ME HOME. hhaha! AND THANKS FOR THE FORGOTTEN COOKIES! it became my breakfast instead of his. haha!

today was quite a hell lot of stuffs too. got awoken by this strong smelling perfume my grandma was wearing. AND IT WAS LIKE 7AM IN THE MORNING.OH MY GOD. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW FRUSTRATED I AM. WTH. well, this is the first and the last time i’m going to experience this kind of stuffs. i can’t even smell my own shampoo until now. in fact, i think my nose is numbed. WHAT THE HELL!

went to tuition with the SMALLEST EYES my eyes could ever get. hahait shocked me too. uncle lawrence was so sweet to have brewed this vegetarian pot for me. it was so nice. he worked up to 3am last night to prepare the stuffs.and i’m so touched. i will do his amath papers man. haha!

went to ahma’s place and got ready for the picnic. haha. we eventually decided to go west coast instead of the east one. alot of angmors. but either they are too old, or too young for me. hahaha! my mother told me not to eat flowers-.- accompanied jarryl with his playground expedition. lols. and he expected me to play with him. i became the green goblin for the day. LOLS. so much for babysitting. late evening we were playing catching and stuffs. then we played dog and bone. it was really fun! but thing is we got so hyped up only at the end of the day. haha. well, i’m sure there’s always a next time. lols./

now PICTURES! (i’ll just load some up; the image size are too big and have to wait for a long time to upload. haha)

i wish it would just slow down, or stop.


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May 2, 2009 at 12:02 AM

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