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>HMMS. i’m here to blog about choir. hahahaha.

just came back from this final speech day rehearsal. sang the school song rather loudly. haha. have to compete the voice with band u know. lols. SO. heard that our choir can actually get a gold or something. haha. mandy and lixing cried. OMG. i feel rather… hmms. CONFUSED. SHOCKED. I DON’T KNOW. the fact that we can actually get a gold is very shocking for us seniors indeed. and in this case, mandy and lixing didn’t take it very lightly. haha. WELL. mr poon is proud of us! hahaa!

but i still don’t think we worked hard enough? hmms. maybe it’s only me, but we can definitely do better. i don’t know how we sounded up there, but mr poon said we had the energy and stuffs. make me want to weep my heart and intestines out. well, i shall save them all for the speech day i guess. the last time we’re going to perform for the school as choir. OH MY. i wonder how everything will go, but i’ll put in my best effort to make my last performance as a choir member in rs choir last for as long as it takes.

i guess i’m beginning to like choir ever since the leaving of miss choo. today mr poon proved to us that he’s a good teacher. hahahha! he’s really a good one. i can see that. but is it too late to see such stuffs in such times? hmms. i guess it will only make leaving more difficult for us seniors. although choir hasn’t always been that good, well every now and then i’ll feel good about it. hmms. why is it always when you are losing something/someone when you finally realise how important it is to your life?

i’ve regretted joining choir. yes. i’ve regretted before. especially during the period when miss choo left. a sense of lost, i think. and the change of instructors and all, i think we’ve really came a long way. experiences i’ve gained these few years… the acapella championships… EXCLAMATIONS… those are memories i wouldn’t want to trade it for the world. but sometimes, when you are just filled with hate and vengence, you just don’t tend to see these wonderful things that had brought about the person that i am now. well, i guess i have alot to thank to choir. i’ve seen so much, good and bad, learnt so much, that sometimes one tends to take them all for granted. ok i seriously don’t get what i’m typing. but whatever!


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April 23, 2009 at 7:55 PM

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