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silver choir.
really heaved a big sigh of relief man.
i don’t know whether we deserved it or not.
but really, i have to thank mr poon for his unending perseverence with our choir.
and mr wee’s last minute wacky inspirational talk. lols.
and i hope for the best for choir. hahaha.

well, one more week, and i’ll be gone.
i remembered i’ve often pondered of what it would be like when it was my turn to step down from my beloved choir. that was the days when miss choo was still around and choir was still booming with energy and vibrance. now, truthfully, i don’t feel anything. yea, when the times are bad, i COULD NOT WAIT to step down. but now, thinking back. hmms. it’s kinda wierd. i don’t know how to explain, but ever since so much things happened to choir, it became some sort of just a responsibility to me. singing in choir was not a passion anymore, like the past. so leaving became very unfeeling for me.

i remembered when i once again stepped into the preparing room in vch. i remembered how miss choo got us to go into a huge circle and all that. i even remembered where i stood in that circle. that was how choir got to me, when everything had been alright. i simply loved choir, that i remembered all these tiny little details. but now, i’m not sure.

i remembered in 2007 during our last performance with our beloved seniors, me and mandy cried. haha. infront of that chocolate fondue. i remembered hila conducted us; miss choo ws in venice for her honeymoon or something. it shocks upon me how time flies, and even miss choo has a son of her own now, and that we have changed almost 4 instructors after the leaving of miss choo. what an unstable choir. what an achievement to have this choir gotten a silver. haha. my only assurance that we;ve done well this time, despite of these unstable roads, we fight, and got our silver. haha.

now i’m quite relieved choir DIDN’T manage to get a gold in the last syf in 2007. if not i wouldn’t have dared to go back to school tomorrow then. hahaha. but yea. i think we’ve all done our school proud. I THINK SO BA. although i believe we can indeed do better than that. hmms. that we’ll have to depend on our future sec4s aye? shimin and fiona don’t make me lose face. lols!

it’s late, and i’m sick. hahaha. so i’ve had irregular sleeping hours, causing me unable to sleep now. argh. i wonder how school will be like for me tomorrow. maybe i’ll have to make use of my art of sleeping with my eyes open! that’s all for now. tootles! lols i’ve gone sharpay-ish!


Written by GekTeng

April 19, 2009 at 11:52 PM

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