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>best class of ’09.

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>yes 4/6 DID IT! we’re the champion class of the 2009 sports carnival! although the whole event didn’t last long, i sure have cherished the times we spent as a class today. today may be the last time we will play together as a class and a team. and being the champion class makes this day even more meaningful for our class. sighs. I LOVE 4/6. isabel sprained her same ankle again, and bernice rolled on the floor and hurt her hip. haha!

after that isabel shuhui jerica yanshing jun feng chinwei and alicia’s clique and yanjun and natalie went to watch the race to the witch mountain. haha. VERY NICE! the boy alien is like so hot. hahaha! then we went to macdonald’s there to gossip until 7. WHAHAHAAS! today is a fun day!

and this is a super nice song! live is better:


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March 13, 2009 at 10:14 PM

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