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>finally i get to heave a sigh of relief. it was a fortunate thing i didn’t screw my whole performance up, considering i still have problems with the high notes in the morning. haha. but seriously, honey does helps. it saved my life today man. hahaha! although the front part was screwwed up abit, but i guess everything went well. ahha! mrs thong said the song i sent brought back alot of memories for her. lucky us.

i planned to give everyone a surprise of my performance today, but eventually shuhui got to know about it and told everyone. they were gathered in front of the stage there supporting me. THANKS PEEPS.

well after the performance a number of friends and schoolmates came forward and shook my hand. my god. seriously i’m not very used to this. i wondered how many times have a said ‘thank you’. haha. but it’s quite a wonderful experience too. i remember this girl atiqah(sp?) from 4/3 i think. i was so shocked when she came forward and told me she liked it. lols. a new friend today:)

surprisingly too, i got my files completed for fil check. haha! i kena’ed for humans, poa, and math. ARGH. luckily i managed to do them all by today. lols. i think i have to chiong HW this few days to catch up for the lost times in KL. haha. but i think it will be worth it la. pity we will not get to stay in HILTON HOTEL. ARGH! it’s such a letdown. but NEH MIND! we’re going to have fun nevertheless!

i can’t wait for KL trip and everything that has to come for me! hahaha!


Written by GekTeng

March 12, 2009 at 8:36 PM

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