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>it’s been a long time.

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>hellos~ so long never post le. haha. i haven’t been ‘investing’ much of my time on the computer these days. there’s quite alot of things to be done, and blah. i have the cip things coming on, and i bet it’ll be very fun and enjoyable, although sometimes the preparation work can be a little unnerving, but well, i think i’ll gain alot from it.

i’ve started on tuition with isabel they all. met some friends and all. fun la, and there’s one girl who likes zac efron and vanessa hudgens and hsm too! WOOTS! i reckon we’ll have alot of fun as time passes. oh yea uncle lawrence and teacher elaine are very cute/ lols!

wednesday there’s learning journey. me bernice blah blah blah and isabel went to the mint. isabel injure her leg, so changed her place and went with me to the mint instead. mrs sng was rather concerned about her legs. made me feel very touched. hahaha! the tour guide was rather intense at first. targeted me. i was like so tensed up under his scrutinizing eyes. oh my god i think i’m still getting goosebumps when i think about those intense eyes of his. but overall i stilllike him la, i can tell he’s experienced. lols./

after that went for gathering at seoul garden. very fun, and very funny. lols. i’ll post pictures on the next post. where i’ll just dump some pictures taken over the months. yea, so that’s it i think.haha.



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February 13, 2009 at 10:24 PM

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