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>it’s been a crazy week.

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>oday was fun! i bought an ipod nano. haha. with my money, but also along with both my parents’ consent of course. haha! i saw i nike jacket that is super nice. and i swear to have one by the end of this year. omg. i’m so greedy. i wonder if my dad can take it. haha. he was so shocked with a chose a 30bucks silicon case for my new ipod. sighs. it’s not that i always go for the expensive stuffs and all, but, hmms. i treat all of these as an investment. one that i will never regret. afterall, you get what you paid? haha. or something like that. hmms. so i hope i won’t regret. at least i haven’t. and i’m so going to get a nike jacket for myself. sighs why does christmas and my birthday fall so near? now i don’t have a reason to ask my parents to get stuffs for me. -.-

today everyone came to my house for lunch. we had curry, hotpot and one other dish i don’t know the name of. ahma brought a dish with 7veggies in it. ghaha. everyone said it was nice, but i didn’t give it a try. lols/ shot some pictures here and there, blah blah blah. then went to jasmine’s new home, and shot more pictures. i love that house man! although i’ve already been there once, i’ve got a better feeling of it this time rund having to go there in the day instead of at night. their huge balcony really reminds me of the ‘can i have this dance’ scene in hsm3 lor! and there’s i hamahock too. MY GOD. i shot some pictures of the house, but i don’t think i’ll be putting them up here. haha.

wed thurs and fri were school days, so we went to school lor. most of us were still in the new year mood la. haha. isabel and i and other few friends still go to the library often to finish up our homework and such. and i think i’m getting my focus back again. hopefully i won’t lose it soon after and get emo. hahaa! i was perfect on the school health check. WHAHHAS! i’m a healthy kid! lols! bernice got problems with one of her eye. the one that’s sore a few days ago. blame on the sore. but my dad says her sight will get better as days go by when her eye fully recovers. i hope so too. hahaa. and i was lucky not to kena the fire injections after all these years. lols. so there goes my last school health check. and there’s no more dental too, I THINK. haha!

visitation during new year was a blast. other than going to the usual places we will go every year like my uncle’s house to eat popiah and blah, this time i went visiting with isabel shuhui weiloke and zijian. on sunday we agreed to meet up and our 1st stop: my holy meetiao ahma’s house. lols. had to wait for shuhui to return from msia and played ‘stress’ with the boys. so fun! so long nv play liao i abit sotong liddat la. haha! then we went to ahms’s to eat meetiao for lunch and played games like bingo and such. we gambled using sweets too! hahaha!

then we went to shuhui’s house and yack. weiloke’s house to ransack his room and play mahjong. then my house for dinner and ransacking of my room.hmms i wonder if i should put up the video? hmms. MAYBE. LOLS! we had a fun time la. great way to end off the cny holidays. haha.


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February 1, 2009 at 10:33 PM

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