Confessions of a Sentimentalist

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>pre new year~~~

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>hahaha. yesterday was so fun. thanks joel for lending me the red shirt! 😀 the performers skipped healthy lifestyle and the choir seniors were in ITRR3 singing past songs. ahhh~~~ it was so nice la. we sang only you, faith, just a single voice, and other nice songs taught by miss choo. brings back alot of memories, many happy memories. i not only thought of miss choo, but also of my seniors like CW jianing hazel and blah. sighs. i miss them la, and i miss miss choo’s lessons. i wonder what would we be doing currently if we’re still under miss choo? maybe i wouldn’t be so upset of choir if miss choo was still with us. sighs.

performance was not bad la, so funny, aaron kelvin and shawn were cai shen ye-s. hahaha!seeing kelvin reminded me of zaizai. lols! then after the celebrations lunched with xinying isabel and shawn to talk about classtee. haha. everyone ate vegetarian with me! haha! stayed at the food court for about 4hours. lols. so fun, we were listening to songs, designing shirts, and forming a band. so much plans for post olevels. are we really thinking too far ahead? haha, MAYBE.

today’s quite okay ba. isabel and weiloke can’t make it. SADDED. so left with me and shuhui and xinying lor. shopped around la, but not really much stuffs. bought a collared polo costing 20bucks and a hang10 short jeans for 19bucks when it originally costed 36. then according to shuhui i gave a auntish face when i saw it was so cheap. LOLS! i really can’t help it la. then subway-ed for dinner. then talked talked talked. and shopped again. i didn’t dare to buy any shirts anymore, i have more than enough. then wahh really lucky to go shopping with shuhui lor! my shopping advisor! ahahha! she’s really helpful during this trip la, seriously. got loads to thank her for. THANK YOU SHUHUI!! haha.

ya so that’s it. nothing quite special la. looking forward to tomorrow’s reunion dinner by the way. haha.

AND I’M OFFICIALLY ADDICTED TO GHOST WHISPERER. cried during yesterday’s episode. so touching la, can’t help it. :X


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January 24, 2009 at 10:43 PM

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