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>the true wonders of a good teacher…

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>hellos. today started on a real bad note. but the day went quite well for me despite the bad start. i almost thought i’ve lost my passport. scared the hell out of me. luckily it’s with my aunt. HENG~~~

i love mdm jo’s lesson. LOLS. so cute, so funny, so… DIRTY. wahhahaas! insider stories, only people in 4/6 will know about the small little UNINTENTIONAL ‘JOKE’ that joel made. or queried. i think. it’s about successful collision between particles. lols then she made a comparison between boys and girls and blah. SUPER FUNNY. then she think the class was quite moody today. but it’s all because we didn’t on the 1st row of lights.

mdm jo: eh how come everyone looked so gloomy today? are you all angry i didn’t appear for your previous lesson?
4/6:… (actually not really. haha.)
[found out the lights are off, and went to switch it on]
mdm jo: ahh now you all look happy. LET’S TRY IT AGAIN!
[mdm jo walks out of the class and walks in again and greeted us.]

LOLS. wahh i just love mdm jo’s lessons. AND I LOVE CHEMISTRY!

mr radha was also cute la. he mentioned about marking a set of paper for 30 minutes laughing about how students write about the reflections at the back of their assignments. then his wife called him wierd, laughing to himself. then he ended up facing the mirror and laughing to ‘himself’. lols! another cute teacher.

mr wong’s class was uiqte serious. not really anything special to remember. haha! but everyone knows his lessons are always fun and enriching!

changed timetables. had physics for the last period. ISABEL CHIA REALLY BORKE MR LOW’S HEART. SLOLS 1 we really don’t know how to say lor. -.- isabel not sensitive at all! hahahha! then mr low talked to us about not getting into us and all. which was kind of true. yea, but we know you’re trying your best. i don’t know why too, that i always had the tendency to want to sleep in your class. that’s why i started to answer some of his questions and be more responsive ba. to keep me awake. but i think i can get his facts la, so no worries. although he’s not as entertaining as the other teachers for our class, i know he’d did his best and whatever la. so , wells, just keep on studying and listen to his lessons lor. haha.

getting late, sleeping soon. can’t wait for yunnan/ WOOTS!


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January 22, 2009 at 10:54 PM

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