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>’open school’ and its ‘afterlife’

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>HMMS. the title is abit weird. but nevermind haha. friday is first day of school. BLEAH. got lots of new teachers, and a vice number 2. LOLS. it’s good to be back, honestly, considering that the first day is also known as the SLACK DAY. haha. i’m quite shocked though, that the school actually forgo one day of lessons into SLACKING. hahha. it’s the admin day la, but for me, who slacked almost all the way, it’s SUPER SLACK DAY! WHAHAHAS! managed to clinch a seat beside isabel for the year too! YIPPEE!

decided to treat shuhui and jerica to lunch with the money we got from the sandwich making, since they helped so much. haha.THANK LOTS! xinying and nickie tagged along too. then went ‘playing’ hide and seek with shuhui and xinying-.- not fun at all, total waste of time. lols. then gave up, went to library, but found them there instead. haha/ went to library with isabel and chatted and borrowed some books.

saturday we went to exchange my clothes at old woodlands there, since there’s no piano. exchanged another 2 clothes. quite nice ba, i think. today got this service at fo tang where we go take small hampers to homes of the needy. it’s an enriching experience, and probably one that i will never forget in the time to come=)

went shopping with parents at toa payoh central and bought clothes. now i’m short of BOTTOMS. but i’m just as lazy to go try on bottoms and all. zzz. i just want to slack during CNY holidays la! ZZZ-.-



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January 4, 2009 at 8:10 PM

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