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>2008? NOT.

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>hahha! i’m just back from my sleepover! it’s so fun i wondered it really did ever happen to me before. HEY WE SHOULD DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME! WOOTS!

so here’s the thing. LOLS. i left at 8 plus to isabel’s, just minutes earlier from my LITTLE NYONYA. NICENICE! then we went to discuss POA, and watched behind the scenes of HSM3 while Shuhui goes back home to makan. ahaha. it’s just so incredible; she just saw the last part of the BTS where they are shooting ‘high school musical’ and graduating and stuffs. SHUHUI CRIED. lols ok verge of crying/ hahaha! wonder how hard she will cry when she watched the whole movie. and she just told me she REGRETTED for not tagging with us to watch HSM3.

went to the countdown, gabriel tagged along with us too. it’s kind of silly; we just went down to countdown and we were back home in less than 30minutes. lols to the hell with countdowns-.- my stomach wasn’t feeling well and i ate supper and drank hot chocolate. YUMMY. then we chatted in isabel’s room for a long time, before me and shuhui went bathing TOGETHER at about 2 in the morning. 3rd time i bathed with her. the last was sec3 camp, i remember. haha. isabel’s toilet was full of shower products that we actually chose our shower gel and shampoo.

then we watched my new HSM2 dance deluxe edition and BTS on the computer. SO FUNNY CANS. exceptme and isabel have to come up from bed to and fro to the computer to press selections-.- shuhui was simply too slow to react and was wasting time. AHAHAH. then we watched wang lee hom at 4 while that PIG SHUHUI gave up and slept like a PIG. lols we even said to cut her hair into lee hom style and blah. but she’s just as dead as a log. LOLS i should have captured her face>.< me and isabel slept at 6 when the sun was beginning to rise and lighting up the sky, and when shuhui has FINISHED sleeping. got disturbed by her for a little while, but our preservarence stood and soon she was as soundly asleep as us too. woke up at almost 9 then went meeting my parents for breakfast and new year shopping. isabel and shuhui tagged along too:D

we went to breakfast at AMK there. sighs, the quality really drop le lor. quite disappointed. then we went to the big big this fashion at sun plaza, shopped for my new year clothes, but to no avail. my sis bought a shirt though, I THINK. but we had lots of fun. at one time we went in to one fitting room with one halter neck each. SO DIFFICULT TO WEAR CANS. and it was so funny we laughed and laughed and laughed in the fitting room. then we tried a few more pieces of clothes then BLAH. went popular and realised i really wanted a copy of MARLEY AND ME for my own. sighs. TOMORROW IS THE DUE DATE AND I HAVEN’T READ FINISH. I STILL HAVE BOOKS THAT ALREADY EXCEEDED THEIR DUE DATES. WTH.

went to sembawang shopping centre and decided that we don’t want to wait for the long queue for free parking and went woodlands centre instead. bought new year stuffs, i like the shorts, but realised the top didn’t suit me well after i tried it at home just now. just hope she will let us change into something better ba. WILL SHE EVEN REMEMBER US?! LOLS i don’t even know when i should go and change my stuffs. zzz. SO MA FAN. i just wish to stay at home during the CNY hols watching tv and sleeping and blah. it’s like the same la, visiting and all, just that this time there’s more food, angpaos, and more pretty clothes donned. but i don’t give a single damn about clothes. zzz. so frustrating that i have to find clothes i like, and at the same time suitable for the ocasion and whatever. blah. I DON’T KNOW LA.

shopped for shoes after that and didn’t managed to get anything at all. but me and isabe; and shuhui fooled around in sheng siong while my parents were grocery shopping. there’s wang lee hom’s new album being played and isabel literally went crazy. IT WAS SO FUN LA! my 2009 started with a blast, and i just hoped it will keep on blasting. ahahaha! tootles!


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January 1, 2009 at 6:10 PM

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