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>my SHATTERED-almost-8-year-old-mug…

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>i came back home from ahma’s, just to find out that the moo-moo mug i’ve been using since i was 8 was shattered into peices by my GRANDMOTHER-.- I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. WHAT TO DO? she’s my grandmother, i can just rant here and pretend i don’t mind about a single shit. i was pissed, and i’m more sad. what the hell la. i didn’t even have a picture or whatever of that mug. that mug i’ve been using for almost 8 years; that mug which has accompanied me while i was sick, through late nights and in the wee hours of the morning where the sun has yet to rise, supplying me cupfulls of coffee or milo or campbells’, accompanying me when i was mugging and memorising… sighs. and what upset me most is that i didn’t even get to see the REMNANTS of the shattered peices before they are all ruthlessly chunked into the bin and away from my life. I WASN’T EVEN THEREWHEN IT SHATTERED! all the more why it WAS BROKEN since the one who was using it WASN’T even there to use it at all./ god i feel like crying now. I MISS MY MOO-MOO MUG. she placed another cup for me to use. YIKES. drank milo with that cup, MAKES ME WANNA PUKE. i don’t know why, i just don’t like the taste of my milo heaven in the new mug i have yet to acknowledge it would officially be replacing the old one. in fact, it will NEVER be replaced. my old moo moo mug… reminds me of yuan yuan. at least i have a picture and a video of yuan yuan. I HAVE NOTHING OF THAT MUG.

my initial plan was to use it for one more year until after o levels before keeping it away. man, it is a souvenior of this phrase of my life man. and now it’s shattered, and AWAY FROM ME. argh!!


Written by GekTeng

December 30, 2008 at 6:00 PM

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