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>HELLOS!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! HAHAHA! such a cool weather… LOLS suitable for christmas ehs? went to the beach today wtih family and ah ma ah gong. hmms. i don’t enjoy it very much, honestly. quite pissed, but what to do. zzz. had subway, by the way. went to shop at junction 8 with pa ma and sis. NICE NICE. but didn’t get to buy anything. ahahaha. didn’t see anything that catches my eye la. gonna try my luck this saturday, and maybe sunday? i’ll try my best to persuade mother to let me go msia with ah yi and shuhui and her mom.

and i finally found copies of ‘goodnight, beautiful’ by dorothy koomson. such a hard to get book. used my mother’s vouchers to buy it hahaha. got discount somemore. 18+bucks become 14plus only. bought a hsm3 book too. lols happy happy. love the pictures inside!

dad bought mom a bag just to put angpaos during the new year. LOLS and mother don’t allow me to borrow-.- sighs, i haven’t bought ANYTHING yet for CNY. what to do what to do. ARGH. hopefully the shopping spree this weekend will be of some help ba… sighs~~~

ogl training was quite fun. got to meet some new friends too, so it’s great. got some catching up with HUANGZU peeps too, although shuhui was mostly the one talking about her japan trip. well we don’t blame her for being so excited about it, but SHE REALLY SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT NICE NICE PLAYBOY NECKLACE FOR US! so disappointed~~~ before the 2nd day of training was spent suaning shuhui all the way. ahhahaa. VERY FUN. i’m afriad i will get addicted to it. HOW?!!?!


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December 26, 2008 at 12:23 AM

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