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>it’s been so long…

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>HELLOS. I haven’t posted for a very long time, i know. things had been going rather… hmms, normally. i didn’t manage to record zac on ellen show. ARGH. i saw the airing date wrongly. wth. but nevermind ba. been glued to the little nyonya. very nice show. ou xuan really lives up to her 2 character. and she’s damn good at what she’s doing. I LOVE JUXIANG! yueniang’s cute too. haha!

went to topone today. with family and such. invited ivan kor to join us too. had really alot of fun. YOHANNIS I SANG ‘IT’S ALL COMING BACK TO ME’!! HAHAHA! love that song. i don’t know why, but my aunts said most songs i sing were not in my era. haha. older songs are much more challenging. WHAHAHAS! today’s been a day where i realised actually how crude my 2 other counsins can be. sighs, such a spoilsport to such a fun day. no offence, but my day could have been better.

i also attended the band concert in school on friday. the band rocks la. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MEDLEY. WOOTS! I LOVE IT. they still played selections from grease.. NICE NICE! pity they didn’t play selections from mamma mia and pirates of the caribbean. but it’s still very nice! the combined performance rocked. made me think about what would be of choir now if we’re still under miss choo… maybe another exchange with AMK sec? that would be fun. pity nothing of that’s happening.

time’s been passing very fast these days. my holidays are getting shorter and shorter. my piano teacher just lent me her fa zheng xian feng 2. should be able to complete it by next week.



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December 14, 2008 at 9:31 PM

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