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>one meaningful morning(:

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>HELLO. today was one of the most meaningful mornings i’ve had the whole holiday. LOLS woke at 6+ and went to jog with ahma and ahgong. ok, i jogged, ahma walked, ahgong cycled. so yea. haha. then we went to wet market. ARGH i still can’t get over the smell of the wet market. especially the stalls selling meat :X NO OFFENCE.

i just watched VANESSA HUDGENS on THE ELLEN SHOW. WOOTS! i don’t know why, but i actually recorded it down. LOLS ZAC WILL BE ON ELLEN SHOW AT 5PM ON FRIDAY ON CHANNEL5! unfortunately i have CLASS OUTING. but i think i will catch the repeat telecast. HELL, IF I HAD KNOWN EARLIER CHANNEL 5 SHOWS WERE SO UP TO DATE. ARGH!

yesterday missed the first telecast of VANESSA’S interview cos i went out with my aunt. haha. she had an interview in chinatown and me and my another aunt tagged along lor. there’s nothing to shop there la, seriously. then we went to thomson plaza there wait for ahmin and didi for their lessons to end. hmms. so in the end missed it. luckily there’s a repeat telecast today./ haha!

i forgot what we did on sunday. maybe it’s like the rest of the holidays. haha

we breakfasted with father on saturday before he went to work. then we dilly dallied at AMK central there. haha! wasn’t in the best of the moods for shopping, so just wander about with mom aimlessly. she said we were such a bore to shop with. LOLS! yakked about the council camp and the terror hunt. haha. mom was worried, but aiya, that’s the fun thing about camps what, although i seriously freaked out la, but ya, there’s something to do with team bonding in this game. mother won’t know cos’ she’ll never play this kind of games and go for team bonding activities./ but I KNOW. HAHA!

so i think that’s all ba. there’s nothing more already. everyday’s been the same sort of day

sometimes i just wished my holidays were spent more meaningfully.

i’m actually considering.
but don’t have any lobangs.


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December 2, 2008 at 10:25 AM

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