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>another week has passed…

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>i can’t help but wonder why good times pass so fast. it’s been a month since school break. and this month seemed a little too short. haha. i’m wondering what meaningful things i’ve done during this one month. HMMS. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3? HAHA! wells, i must learn to make use to the time left to enjoy these carefree days, cos i have this feeling next year will be a rather tough one. i’ll not have good days ahead. hopefully a year will pass as fast as this month had passed. by that time i should be free of studies for a while and working le ba? I HOPE SO.

wells i’ve finally finished the nora roberts irish trilogy. a rather nice read, especially the last one. haha! went to the new yishun library again and maxed my loan quota. i just can’t seem to read finish this book called ‘dad’s life’. it’s rather boring la, i read until i fell asleep today. >.< my necks' been aching, and i don't know why. should be my bad posture ba. i just can't find a nice corner to sit and read my book.

council camp was fun.except i came AN HOUR EARLIER. LOL.amazing race was AMAZING. we walked from SCHOOL to 888, then to WOODLANDS MART, then ALL THE WAY TO SUN PLAZA. fun right?! TIRING LA! my muscles started aching after the bath. LOLS bonded with my team alot, and got to know quite alot of friends through the camp. well, i guess the objective of the camp has reached. haha. that night was really a night to remember, as isabel stated. i freaked out during the stupid horror movie. ARGH. I JUST CAN’T STAND HORROR FLICKS. what’s worse is they still have terror hunt right after the movie. the movie. DEAD SILENCE. i didn’t even watch until. terror hunt was filled with terror, yes, EXTREME TERROR. we’ve been careful everywhere we go, looking back and all around, wary of people pouncing up and scaring us to death. the backstage is FREAKY. THEN PROPS TOo. SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS NIGHT MAN. ISABEL U OWNED. ARGH.

we were allowed to sleep 2+ after the night of terror. i knew it was never wise to believe isabel’s words. kaili huiwen and me slept on the table. ghaha! nice night. i slept almost soundly. one of the best nights i’ve had in school camp. haha! was quite disappointed when i heard that water bomb activity was being called off. but well, they subed in the game of building the highest tower with straws. i had fun. we were the 3rd placing(: GO TEAM! ruixia was awarded the most outstanding councillor award. definitely worth it. we were given a frmaed picture of the council. SO SWEET. THANKS 7TH EXCO. WEILOKE YOU OWNED TOO LA!

i’ve been slacking the past 2 days after the camp. recovering from the muscle aches, but my neck wasn’t as kind. blame it on bad posture, and the desperation to complete a book. ARGH. STUPID NECK. i don’t know where to read my books anymore. the couch SUCKS. I WANT THE OLD ONE!

lunch was mainly prepared by me the past 2 days. haha! i’m so honoured! hehe! doodled with the back mains of the tv consoles and all. MY DVD PLAYER CAN’T WORK! ARGH! actually i wanted to get high with my AVRIL ALVIGNE BEST DAMN TOUR CONCERT DVD. but sadly i can’t. OUCH MY NECK HURTS ALOT. AND IT’S JUST ONE SIDE OF THE NECK. WHAT THE HELL!



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November 27, 2008 at 11:57 PM

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