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>HELLOS. updating my week again. haha. saturday was p6 open house. haha and i’m glad to say that the choir has sung pretty well! haha WELL DONE! band is still as superb, they couldn’t be more wonderful. and the interesting thing was, while nickie was out there conducting the band playing HSM songs, i was backstage ‘conducting’ people singing along with the band. it’s so nice! hahaha! after that hippo mandy gorilla and me went for lunch at 883, then kena rejected by qiqi to go her house. haha then met up with isabel and chatted up with her at macdonald’s until i was due for theory lessons. piano practical this week was fun. ms chong played some interesting songs and some of the choir accompaniments. haha we weren’t exactly working on my grade 8
practical examinations, but yea. i had fun!

i went to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 again on sunday, this time with ah yi. 2nd aunt sacrificed her ticket to min min, who wanted to watch it again at the LAST MINUTE. haha. nevermind i’ll buy the dvd and we can watch it FOREVER. actually we planned to go east coast and after that a dinner at geylang in celebration of my ahma’s and mother’s birthday. but somehow things didn’t work out and were cancelled the lAST MINUTE. went out to shop at northpoint with hoon ahyi and her husband. there’s alot of sales going on there man! I’M TEMPTED. hahaha! then we went to eat this mango flavoured ice kachang or something. i don’t know how to say, but it was damn nice! i’ll shoot a photo next time when i bring my mother to eat. hahah!

i stayed at ahma’s on monday and read my book and slacked. i think not really much happened as i can’t remember anything that happened on that day. ahha1

the whole of tuesday was spent outside. i have to wake up damn early after suffering from insomnia that very night./ so it’s kind of tiring. we went to autram park and climbed a ‘hill’ to get to a school to play a financial boardgame. and now to think of it, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A PROPERTY DURING THE SLUMP FINANCIAL PERIOD AND HAVE IT SOLD DURING THE BOOM PERIOD! lol! and it was plain luck that i hadn’t got a chance to land on the stock exchange to sell off my stocks and earn some profits before the STOCK MARKET CRASHES. argh! not fair. in the real world you can sell off your stocks anytime u wanted, RIGHT?! i wasn’t being greedy, it’s jut that i didn’t have the chance to sell it off. but overall it’s fun.
i brought bernice to ROMA’S DELI for lunch and we were SO BLOATED after the meal. LOLS! we literally rushed into the toilet after the meal. hahaha!

met up with isabel to do some school work after that. we met at popular and spent some QUALITY TIME ooggling at some new hsm3 magazines and storybooks that were meant for kids. LOLS then spent some time in the library looking for books before going to the 4th floor to take a good look at the poa papers. really quite difficult la, but i did some manageable questions though. then we ended up talking. damn, me and isabel can really talk about everything man! from family to friends to our future… and even tv shows and STORYBOOKS!lol! til now i still don’t know why i am ab;e to yack for so long. sighs, if only talking can help me lose some weight… I’M SURE I’LL BE THE FASTEST LA!

yesterday was supposed to meet isabel and have a run with her, but mother wants me to pei her go ahma’s house cos ahmin just got discharged from the hospital. LOLS I’M SORRY ISABEL THAT I STOOD YOU UP AGAIN. ARGH! i’m just meant to get awfully fat during the holidays ba. argh! watched hsm1 and 2 and the behind the scenes. haha quite fun to watch the whole thing again. i’ll be sure to do that agin when hsm3 dvd comes out! WOOTS!

i planned to stay at ahma’s house til friday when my mother will come round and we’ll head off for fo tang together. accompanied ahyi to raffles hospital in the morning. had insomnia again the night before, so it wasn’t easy waking up, BUT I DID IT! and i think i spent my morning meaningfully, so it was okay(: watched lian kong with ahyi before dozing off on the couch during happy feet. lols. i’m really tired. what’s wrong with all the insomnia and stuffs man?! read my NORA ROBERTS BOOK. gosh i still have one more to read before i have to return in the weekends. it’s a trilogy and i can’t afford to return without reading especially when i’ve got all 3 books! i’m currently on my 2nd. the 1st having to read it months ago already.

the titles are all so nice:

someday i’ll make sure i own these books and spend my days reading them all over again.



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November 20, 2008 at 7:17 PM

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