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>holidays… NOT.

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>hello. haven’t been blogging much; i know. have been quite busy the whole week la. we had chinese lessons on monday. tuesday was left to us to study our own. wednesday was THE PAPER. wth. i think i screwed up the compo. we did this question before, but that was like more than 2 years ago?! so yea. i think i screwed up that. GOD BLESS Me

so thursday me and yohannis had a date. LOLS was called up last minute to attend a meeting for the promotional talk in primary schools. so ended up dressed shabily all the way to chinatown. LOLS my mother almost freaked out when she heard i will be all the way out to CHINATOWN. hahah! had lots of fun la. ph ya before that i had lunch with mandy feng shan and szehui 1st. so KBOX WAS FUN. hahah! we got super high during the song ‘girlfriend’ haha! yohannis called me an AVRIL FAN and had helped me choose all avril songs she saw. LOLS mostly we sang english songs la, but i sang some chinese songs too. the food there is like SO EXPENSIVE. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY LO. wth. cheat money hahah/ i reached home only at about 9plus. then mama cooked this dunno what weird dish with cheese toppings. quite nice la. i mixed it with rice and poured all the veggies in and mix. hahah! quite not bad!

friday was a busy day. my dat started early. THANKS ALOT PAPA FOR DRIVING ME TO SCHOOL ON EARLY MORNING! I APPRECIATE IT! so we went to fuchun. yacked alot. REALLY ALOT. hahah! it was the first time i yacked until i realised i was thirsty. after that lunched with tongjun and was treated bubble tea! WOOTS THANKS TONGJUN!! had choir/ ARGH.




ok then waited for the bus to come to fetch us to padang. hahaah! my foul mood made me decide that i don’t want dinner. LOL but ended up having canadian pizza. nice la. but now then i realised it’s actually EXPENSIVE for such a small pizza. sighs. dun care le la. then went to padang changed into their shirt. very nice shirt. i like the design. then went to eat at mac. blah blah blah. the in-charge was fun la. and we found out she’s actually the daughter of the ice-cream aunty which sold ice-cream outside our school last time. ghahah. had alot of fun there la. crapped alot with benice mandy gorilla and seahorse(‘siao’ huiting). and even meixia too. through the phone. then we crap until dun wan go home end up go cwp de mac continue. SO FUNNY LA! we had up some jokes that now thinking back i oso dunno why i was laughing so hard. my stomach nearly exploded. SO FUNNY LA! but actually the bottomline is I SPENT ALOT LE. hahaha! ok that’s it.


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November 9, 2008 at 12:46 AM

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