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>hmms… i came over this quote and decided to blog NOW.

when life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

VERY MEANINGFUL. made me think alot. well of course the first thing that comes up to my mind is HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. hmms. the craze had been slowly subsiding… but there’s still this sot sot me inside wanting to yell ‘I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!’ out loud for the whole world to know. haha. i was really sad that this high school musical saga has come to an end. sighs. it’s just too good for me that i don’t want it to end.

”The saddest part is at the end when the curtain draws to a close and the camera focuses on each of the six main characters, all smiles although tears are welling up in some of their eyes, knowing what we know, that this is the end of “High School Musical”… or is it? Nonetheless, it was the right ending.”

YES. I AGREE. this was from one of yahoo’s reviews. made me wanna cry OUT LOUD. sighs the end of hsm3 has made me so emotional. but i have to get over it. SOMEHOW.

you may think i’m crazy, but i just can’t help it. haha!

yes. another thing. so far my secondary 3 year has been quite kind to me. having not really being able to remember any of those ugly things that happened throughout the year. yea, so i think i enjoyed it ba. and it’s so sad just to know that it’s going to be a part of my memory soon, having to move on to the OH-MY-GOD-I-WILL-DIE sec4 years. so secondary 3 year will be cherished. haha. and i will learn to let go of the past and move on to my future, AND NOT GRIEVE THAT TIME PASSED TOO QUICKLY/ yea. so that’s for reflections.

ok. so sunday was fun. me and ahma fried pancakes. very nice. and i’ve learnt the art of frying ahma’s kind of pancakes. haha! we even promised we’ll do suan pan zi this coming sunday. WHAHAHAS! and i’m so looking forward to it. everyone went to the whole day class at fo tang then ah gong and and ah brought me and qiqi to northpoint walk2. LOLS then we went to popular so fast they lost track of us and blah. SO FUNNY! and ah gong treated me oreo mcflurry!! whahaahs! these are times to be missed. LOLS! everyone should do this more often! grandparents ROCKS!!WAHAHHAS!

monday was fun too. spent the whole day with mom and dad and sis. yeps. we went out to eat and never came home til late evening. and now. the problem is I FORGOT WHERE WE WENT.



ok WE WENT IKEA. YES. WE WENT IKEA. RIGHTT. go there see look lor. the showrooms got abit changes here and there la, but not much difference from that time i came with shuhui and isabel though lol/ then i revisited my favourite bedrooms, and even made a deal with my mother to refurbish my room right after o levels. cos everything will be thrown away. those worksheets and all. wahahas! then i’ll have a whole new envoronment. WOW THAT’S SO COOL AND IT WILL HAPPEN TO ME IN LIKE 1 YEAR’S TIME. lol! i can’t wait!

then we went expo gain city there. my dad almost bought a new computer. the deal was really good, but we figured out we could do without it so yea. then there’s so much tv all around your head will feel like bursting once u step inside lor. haha! then they got put alot of avril lavigne shows. but all in jap and i don’t understand i single word. but me and sis just stared WHAHAAHS!

yesterday we had chinese. then sectionals in my house. quite fun, altos were bonding. well not all, having the fact that only 5 juniors showed up. but it’s all right everyone did a great job that day ;D i even learnt the mundeira parts from them too. yea, so there was interaction and blah. fiona was kinda starting to sing louder too, and yea, it’s progressing la. so just hope for the best lor. then at night i struggled with chinese until i cried. yea but WHATEVER. WAHHAAS!

today was so much fun. after chinese bernice yanjun mandy and i went to mac to eat breakfast. then went to library. go there yack yack so long. got alot of things to yack la WHAHAAS! we had the time of our lives. didn’t watch hsm3 with my sister and her friends, but nvm la, and OH MY GOD SHE BOUGHT ME A HSM3 TIN HANDBAG WITH COOKIES INSIDE. LOLS1 THANKS LA THANKS LA!!! WHAHAS SO HAPPY. I HAVEN OPEN YET, BUT STILL VERY HAPPY. lols i literally jumped out of the sofa i’ve been napping on once she gave it to me. hahaha! THANKS!



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October 30, 2008 at 12:17 AM

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