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>WOOTS! it’s finally what i’ve been waiting for~~ LOLS!!! the end of exams, and my OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN TO HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!! i was so high when i finished the paper today. LOLS actually i think celebrations started yesterday. hehe.

these week are spent mostly outside, in school library or Yueqi’s house. MAO MAO IS LOVED! i think we went to her house for 2 times this week or something. hehe. i’m getting like, closer to other friends and cliques le. they are quite a fun lot la. MAOMAO was th 1st dog a came in so close de contact. it’s so fun la. i played with him more on the 2nd time we went to yueqi’s. i literally crawled around and jumped around with him lor. haha SO FUN. pictures to be up later :D/

eh but we also did serious studying ok. LOL work hard, play hard. haha! basically my days will mostly begin in the wee hours of the morning where everyone’s still sleeping. haha. at least when i do that no one’s going to be of any distraction to my revision or anything. so silent and… NICE. and i studied lor. then go school take exams le go yueqi’s house or library and blah. monday i went yueqi’s, then tues bernice jerica and me went library. I EVEM BORROWED BOOKS >.< then wed go yueqi's house again i think. then thurs go shop play play. friday go YL house CELEBRATE!

yesterday was so much fun. hehe! we went around shopping at causeway point after lunch. then we just shopped and shopped and shopped. hahaha! and there’s this osim function at the causeway point de open space where they put alot of that galloping thing. SO FUNNY!!! we were at the 3rd floor watching a few particular aunties going high with it. IT WAS HILARIOUS MAN. we laugh until PENG~ then there’s still one girl who rocked until her slippers went off. AND STILL CONTINUED GALOPPING. lol!! then we went into metro and smelled something delicious. SO NICE THE SMELL!!! then we went over to see the auntie cook pancake lor. THEN FOOD SHE COOK WAS SO FAKE. lols ESPECIALLY THE EGG!!! LOLS i didn’t take a picture of that though. then we went to another auntie who had a large bowl of popcorn in front of her. then we eat and eat. HAHA! so nice la! after that we went to kiddy palace and blah~~~ then to mini bits where we clicked with the salegirl so much we ended up talking and talking to no end. LOLS so nice la. then go shop a little while and went home.

TODAY WAS EFFING FUN. as soon as i finished check the paper i lied down and stone. HEHE! then i thought about my future. NOW i know what kind of future mine will be. i think i literally dreamt it out and got high over at the back of the class where i sat. LOL. I WILL STUDENT CHILD PSYCHOLOGY OR CHILDCARE STUDIES, THEN BE A KID TEACHER, AND PRIVATE PIANO TEACHER. WHAHAAHAS!!! MONEY MONEY LAI LAI LAI!!

then we went to yl’s house to play play. hehe. started with mahjong la. then shuhui wan play DDR with yl then YL’S MOTHER SUB IN. i never even win!!! LOLS YL’S MOTHER PRO LOR!!
then after she left for lunch we went to play with kelvni’s dog… then i got so used to calling MAO MAO, that i called every dog i see MAO MAO. hahah! he’s ZAI ZAI, EVERYONE! at first it was quite scary. he barked so fiercely i literally went into the house for shelter. LOLS. then kelvin bernice and mandy brought him down to the playground to play lor. we came down a little while later. then i bonded with zai zai. LOLS. he getting abit tired from going up and down the slide over and over again. then he didn’t bark anymore. so it was ok. then i still got his leash and took him around the flats. SO CUTE LA! i’ll just follow where he go then ask him to u-turn and BLAH. he’s so cute. GAHH~ then i still carried him. LOL he still let me carry sia! MAO MAO wun even let me carry! :X then I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES BEFORE HE GO. ARGH./ WTH RIGHT.
so that’s all. i’ll post pics now, on another post. LOLS THERE’S SOME SPOILER THOUGH! WHAHAHAS!


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October 10, 2008 at 10:38 PM

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