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>time flies, but days DRAGGED.

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>LOL i finally blogged again!!! ahhaha!!! i had to keep xinying entertained. right XINYING?? HAHA. oh did i say jerica and xinying swopped seats and i’m sitting with xinying now? haha for only one more day la. BEFORE THE EOY STARTS AGAIN. ARGH./ ok i’ll just blurt things out whenever i remember them. then i’ll see how it turns out ba ;D

21 sept we went out to celebrate my ah gong’s birthday. haha. i ate like a PIG. LOLS SUPER NICE LA. ESP THE SAMBAL KANG KONG. MY FAVOURITE. no cake and all la, just a dinner with everyone. really everyone came lor. i so long nv see jasmine and jarrly le. haha. jarrly became more tanned. ah i think he’ll be very handsome when he grows up… hahaha!! i’ve been staying back in school after classes to catch up on the school work and blah. studying with friends and all suited me quite alright. especially when it’s the examination season where everyone will go home and mug, my friends and i will always be there to make use of the quiet environment to mug together. we even made use of the night academy the sec4s were having and stayed until about 7 before we went home. its fun, and enriching la, studying with friends. last fridays was the graduation day for the sec4s. bye bye yohannis… SOBS. i still remembered when CW that batch went off yohannis and me were like, eh next year your turn and blah blah blah…time really DO FLY. but i’m sure me and yohannis will stay in contact, eh? i wan go k with yohannis!!! after her o’s and blah. i wan to go. LOLS!!! now getting excited.

these few days we also stayed back to mug together except we’re required to leave at 6. cos school closing then no night academy.. sobs. i’ve been high-ing for HSM3 and avril lavigne almost everyday in school. having that i’ve found my ‘zhi tong dao he’ de friends. haha! ISABEL AND XINYING YOU ARE LOVED!!! haha thanks for highing wwith me. LOL the rest don’t really high with me. they even called me a lesbian when i say i liked vanessa hudgens more than zac efron 😦 but well, nevermind. i know i’m not. 😀 i scored a goal in yesterday’s PE handball. haha. last minute tying off the game with 3/5. xinying so good lor. haha i’m going to ask her teach me basketball after the exams. HEHE. then we’ve even decided to custom make fbt shirts with the wildcat colours (red and white) with the number 14 on it. HAHA. I’M LIKE SO HIGH NOW~~~

today i did quite alot of mugging. haha. although my parents made me spend about 3hrs outside going to eat and SHOP. zzz. my sister dun wan study for her psle doesn’t mean i don’t want to study. -.- but nvm la. i’ve done my fair share le. chem still very weak, though. sighs. i wonder how i will do in my sciences. ARGH. tmr’s the last day of lessons…. then EOY will continue. sighs. i’ll start memorising my S.S. tomorrow. hopefully everything will be alright.

psst. i’ll not post until next friday. and when i post aagin, I WILL BE SUPER HIGH. because EXAMS WILL BE OVER BY THEN. YES!


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October 1, 2008 at 10:57 PM

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