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>lol. haha. today actually we’re all going isabel’s to bunk up and play. argh. i’m not allowed, and everything was cancelled. haha. SORRY LA. and i have been wallowing in self pity alone in my bedroom since. it wasn’t until my mother went to work when i decided to come out of my room and use the computer. so basically, TODAY SUCKS BIG TIME. i just hate to get rejected. so this is how i reacted everytime i get rejected. haha. so basically i woke up, breakfasted+lunched, submitted my proposal, AND GOT REJECTED. went in my room and wallow in self pity. until 7. that’s all today. Avril Lavigne sang to me and i cried and cried until my ears stuffed with earpieces were wet. and believe me, it’s YUCKY. then i slept and slept like nobody’s business. so i guess today i’ll be a nocturne.haha! my target: finish off english and hcl paper 2. paper 1? hmms. I DON’T KNOW. i’ll tacke some math too, i think. then everything’s left for friday. GOSH I STILL HAVE THEORY HW. DIEDIEDIE.

i’ll just post my days not so accordingly ba. i’ll post what i remembered. haha. my aunt and i went to the cathay tower or whatever thing in douby ghaut, just for that so uninteresting book fair that is having there annual DVD SALES. haha wierd, i know. it’s kinda boring there, but it’s such a wise choice for them to put up a big magazine section which i had devoted myself wholeheartedly there throughout the whole visit in the book store. then we went up to this mega- something something. or something. i forgot le. it’s just a store which sells alot of records la. shopped around. haha. i liked this better lor. we bought corrinne may’s album and my aunt’s kite runner DVD. it’s kind of expensive la, but i think this is the only place we’ve found selling it, so yepps, we bought it. i mean. SHE bought it. WHAHAHAS. we then went to hunt for a place for dinner at plaza singapura. AND WE WENT TO SUBWAY. I LOVE SUBWAY FOREVER!! it’s so nice la. sometime i’d try a 12inch, and gobble the whole thing up MYSELF. MUAHAHAHA!!!

ok i dont remember anything anymore, so i’ll just stop here. cheerios.


Written by GekTeng

September 3, 2008 at 9:26 PM

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