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>the quiz.

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>1. the last person who last tag me is: yohannis

2. my relationship with her is: good good friend with the same frequency =)

3. my 5 impression of her is: hilarious, horny, adorable, fun, GREAT!

4. the most memorable thing she has done for me: hmms. sharing all the littlest secrets and gossips and brightening up my day with her elmo-like laughter. WHAAHHAS!!!

5. the most memorable thing she had said to me: (in sms)’ok kol my house nw’

6. if she become my lover: HMMS. not a bad thing actually… WAHAHAHS!!!

7. if she become my lover, things she has to improve on will be: err… can’t think of any in particular >.<

8. if she become my enemy i will: lose a very great friend and suffer a great loss in life.

9. if she become your enemy, the reason will be: i wished i knew. but i don’t.

10. the most desire thing i want to do for her is: HMMS. pray for good results for her o levels? then we can hang out and enjoy ourselves after that. HAHA!

11. my overall impression of her is: true, great friend =)

12. how i think people around me will feel about me: wacky, bitchy, hilarious, silly, sometimes to the extent i become irritating. >.<

13. the characters i love of myself: HMMS. i’m happy-go-lucky ba.

14. on the contrary, the characters i hate of myself are: when i get out of control and act like a crazy girl, sometimes just shooting my mouth off without going through my brain

15. the most ideal person i want to be with is: EVERYONE THAT I KNOW OF, WHICH HAS MADE A GREAT IMPACT ON MY LIFE

16. for the people that care and like me, i’d like to say: THANK YOU AND STAY HAPPY ALWAYS

pass this quiz to 10 person that i wished to know how they feel about me:
1. mandy
2. yuenlam
3. yohannis
4. isabel
5. shuhui
6. bernice
7. weiloke
8. yanjun
9. cherie
10. peck yong

17. who is no.6 having a relationship with? er. NO ONE. or is it the one that has the name starting ith a……. WHAHAHAS! JOKING!

18. is no. 9 a male or female? female

19. if no.7 and 10 are together? WHAAHHAS! THAT WILL BE HILARIOUS.

20. what is no. 2 studying about? same as me but replace POA with bio 🙂

21. when was the last time i had a chat with no.3? on phone, that was so long ago. on msn, just now lor.

22. what kind of music does no.8 like?haha. i’m not too sure.

23. does no.1 have any siblings? yes. an irritating sister like mine.

24. will i woo no.3? haha! maybe~~~ HMMS./

25. how about no.7? not a chance after being 9 years of friends.

26. is no.4 single? nope. i don’t think she is

27. what is the surname of no.5? LEE

28. what’s the hobby of no.4? sing sing dance dance laugh laugh eat eat sleep sleep

29. does no. 5 and 9 get along well? hmms. friends, but not close. they get along fine.

30. where is no.2 studying at? same as where i’m studying at lor

31. talk something casually about no.1? err. face as red as 10dollar note?

32. have you tried to develop feelings for no.8? haha. feelings as in friends just come so normally between me and her. there’s no need for me to TRY.

33. where does no.9 live? singapore.

34. what colours does no.4 like? err. black and white? colour of her blog? haha

35. are no.5 and 1 best friends? ya you can say that.

36. does no.7 like no. 2? err. don’t think he hate her ba. haha!

37. how did you get to know no.2? since sec1 we went home together taking the same bus 🙂

38. does no.1 have any pets? she did have hamsters before, and they bit her fingers or sth. she wants a dog now.

39. is no.7 the sexiest person? er. NO! whahaahs


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September 1, 2008 at 10:32 PM

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