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>i’ve come to listening to more of CORRINNE MAY’S songs. haha. another talent from singapore. but yeai came to realise i liked her songs; how her lyrics went. inspiring lyrics that i’m now fond of. it’s just crazy how someone can write songs like that. she must have felt for alot. haha. i don’t think i could do that. hehe. but maybe i’ll try. just MAYBE.

hmms. these few days were such a breeze la. not much going on. i’ve been buried in my NORA ROBERTS books since. completed reading 2, now starting on the 3rd one i’ve just borrowed yesterday. WRL seemed to have increased their numbers of book now, i realised. another silly aim of mine: to finish reading her MacGregor series. reading on the 3rd book now, and have 3 more to go. (provided i can find those books. HOPEFULLY. )

i’ve given the japan form to my parents. and they haven’t give it back to me, nor even an answer. i’m disappointed. i’m, hmms. IRRITATED. ANNOYED. and i don’t want to continue anymore.

i’ve clarified my doubts in youth class. so i hope nothing will go wrong for my sciences papers. i’ll keep my fingers crossed. i’ve been doing the papers that Miss Wong gave. it’s a lucky thing answers were given. at least i can work at my own pace and not rush for datelines and all. these datelines and all stopped me from doing my work. haha. i know i’m wierd. but now having to work on my own pace and check for the answers myself. hmms. i guess that’s what i’ve wanted all along. this study plan actually suits me. or made me comfortable with it. hmms. i hope i can have good results ba.


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August 11, 2008 at 8:22 PM

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