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>losing grip

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>ARGH. IM SICK. IM OFFICIALLY SICK. ZZZ. how unlucky can i be. common test + sick = DIE X3. better heal fast. or else i don’t know what to do. this time there’s quite a large amount of things to memorise for social studies and history. sighs. i don’t know how i can cope. chem and phy, i oso dunno how bad i will do. math? i don’t know. i just know that my head’s splitting and my nose is blocked. my brain’s also blocked la. i’m aching all over. argh. seriously how long will this last man?! i mean i would love to take MCs and skip abit of ccas and this and that. but COMMON TEST PERIOD?!?! the time just isn’t right for all my craps. ARGH. and i hate that.

well. math lesson is getting more and more stressing. i don’t know what will happen to me if i failed. i’m feeling so hopeless of my sciences. i really am. i tried to study physics even, but i just can’t take it. it’s really not the right time to study. not the right… hmms… situation? you should see the state i am right now. i feel so… ARGH. no mood to study. and i feel so bad for it when i’m still using the computer. i don’t know. theory homeowrk i oso haven do. i haven’t been touching on anything since la. and i cannot don’t blame myself for it; i cannot don’t care about it. man, how i wished my dreams were reality. at least if it was, it would have been better.

so yesterday was the CD through the arts. i’ve coming to love this wacky class so much. although we’re those attituded and all class seen as by the teachers, i believe it’s just this that made us stand out so much, it’s this that made me love it even more. we rehearsed from lesson end to 4.30 where we went to the hall for audition. at first we really aren’t going anywhere, but i was so happy that everyone was getting a grip and doing everything as a class. A CLASS. OH MAN HOW I LOVE THIS CLASS. although the so-called lecture from Bernice was kinda harsh or whatever, everyone had really got hold of the situation and became much much more enthusiatic and all. 3/6 is really getting together la. although it’s quite a long time before we got hold of it, what matters most is we did it. they sang lean on me so ever beautifully that it reminded me again, of last year’s vocal mania where everyone sang and swayyed along in the shaking stage and RP. so near; yet so far. 3/6 had beat choir. really beaten them flat. i mean, us; the choir. >.<

mrs lee was so proud of us. we are now required to sing this new ndp song during the national day celebrations. and we even said we wanted to do the ohmms next year. i’m really so rpoud and touched. and i wouldn’t mind staying up abit later or spending and sacrificing my time over this; cos it’s all worth it. and everyone know it. i just love the class so much now.

sighs. pimple breakouts must be some indications that i’m strssed. haha. i don’t know. bernice they all said i’m very easily stressed. hmms. maybe? i don’t know. i just know im really having pimples now. and flu. i wouldn’t want it to escalate to a fever you know. it can be quite annoying, especially when it’s common test period. i wish i can take some time to heal; but i have to study. how??? i oso dunno. man i’m so sad. damn la. zzz

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August 1, 2008 at 9:30 PM

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