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choir sucks big time!!!

argh! today’s not good; not good at all. and choir really sucks. my whole day is ruined because of choir. our morning assembly performance was like shit, more shit than last year, i think. ARGH. and i think i saw cedric laughing at us too. ARGH ARGH. dont care. i can’t find any more passion left in this goddamn choir. and i ain’t going to find it even after the leave school. I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE. miss choo is choir, and choir isn’t choir without miss choo. at least not in my books. oh i just miss her lessons man. imagine what we were doing last year, when EXCLAMATIONS clinched the year’s acaplla championships and all. it felt so good, and SO RIGHT. asnd now it doesn’t feel right; not anymore. and i am super doubtful of maintaining our current standard and even getting GOLD for the upcoming syf next year. might as well don’t participate at all. i just can’t take it. i just can’t accept the fact the miss choo’s gone. well, i dont think about it most of the time, but, ya. i just hate choir today so much that i just can’t help but feel that way again. maybe i’ll just forget it in a moment or something, but i need to write them all out. i don’t care about how comments are and whatever. and i hope i dont offend people with my words or whatever. i just feel so hopeless for choir. i feel like giving up. or have i given up? i dont know.

ava was being used by this dunno what workshop, which led choir to go to this non-air con, and most importantly, band surrounded room called the learning studio. it was once such a nice place for me, that i had always looked forward to coming to for humanities lessons where great stories about the great, or not so great people and things are told. but today, argh. i can’t even concentrate. mr ong’s voice was so undetectable that i decided to give up while halfway singing the difficult part of that wierd lampa song. i just literally gave up. and i don’t care anymore. i really dont. but the thing was a did manage to complete my homework for the day, and blah. i dont know. argh. today’s so bad.

and i don’t think my mother even cared. she didn’t even asked about it when i returned home with a sulky face; she didn’t even asked when i shouted that choir actually do sucked/ and i think she isn’t really caring; just like i’m not caring. haha. is that called an eye for an eye? hmms. but i don’t care le. and i really dont. that’s all. end of my super emo choir post/

a song that i listened to on the way back home, which made me feel so hopeless, and sad all over again.
i’m with you by avril lavigne
i’m standing on the bridge
i’m waiting in the dark
i thought that you’d be here by now
there’s nothing but the rain
no footsteps on the ground
i’m listening but there’s no sound
isn’t anyone trying to find me
won’t somebody come take me home
it’s a damn cold night
trying to figure out this life
won’t you,
take me by the hand take me somewhere new
i don’t know who you are but i
i’m with you
i’m looking for a place
i’m searching for a face
is anybody here i know
cos’ nothing’s going right
and everything’s a mess
and no one likes to be alone
isn’t anyone trying to find me
won’t somebody come take me home
it’s a damn cold night
trying to figure out this life
won’t you,
take me by the hand
take me somewhere new,
i don’t know who you are but i,
i’m with you
why is everything so confusing?
maybe i’m just out of my mind~~~
i saw my primary school chinese teacher on the bus too. talked a little while with her and all. haha. she said not getting good results for hmt not a problem. haha. but mdm oh would confirm think otherwise. k that’s the end.


Written by GekTeng

July 28, 2008 at 8:10 PM

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