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some short interesting dialogues that happened this week that made me LOL.
it’s ok if u don’t understand, cos i don’t think i understand too. whahahas

interesting thing number 1:
ME: hey don’t you think she’s a little barbaric?!?!
YL: hah? what’s barbaric?!?!
ME: aiyo! go find dictionary yourself la! -_-
YL: dictionary will have meh? how come i never hear this word before?!?!
***mandy then walks pass…***
ME: *** points to mandy*** or you go ask mandy la, see whether she knows anot ;D
*** YL chased after mandy***
YL: *** looks innocently at mandy*** eh mandy, this dunno what barbaric dictionary have???

interesting thing number 2:
scene: YJ, YL, bernice and me were lunching after a meeting before going to njrc and cca(modern dance) respectively.
ME: dunno where njrc is… *** looks at YL*** you know??
BERNICE: hmms. i oso not sure where they(modern dancers) are lei. (looks at YJ) do you think they are in the hall???
YJ: hmms i dont think so ba… they(njrc) if at hall then how come so quiet de. the last practice i heard we can be heard all the way from the 1st floor …. when they are at the 6th lei.]
ME & YL: (looking at each other with big question marks above our heads)
ME: (since when modern dance got so loud?? bernice got scream until so loud de meh? from 1th floor can hear?!?!)

interesting thing number 3:
YL: (accidentally pulled out 2 tissues) wei, we cannot go njrc next tues and thurs sia… (YL gives 1 of it to YJ) na, give you.
BERNICE: why? (cannot go njrc??)
YL: (looks up innocently) oh cos i just accidentally pulled out 2 tissues then dun wan squeeze them in again so i give one to YJ lor.

ok done. haha. very very funny. not as in verberlly or visually looking at this post, but actually experiencing this nonsense. really very funny la. lols. it has been colder than ever since yesterday. ya i think i’ll just alk about today first ba, since i mentioned about the cold. haha. so hmms. woke up at 5.30AM to practice math… haha. i can’t afford to fail the test! and today seriously freaked me out. haha. was immediately being shouted at by shuhui when i reached class. and joel’s new nike earphones rocked!!! we’re starting on my favourite Hitler today for humanities. although i was super tired during the lesson, especially at the end, haha, but i came through!!! LOLS! english was the same old thing; writing some compo draft. but i thot today’s was very very funny too… haha! i basically got high when planning the compo. compo title: my unforgettable shopping trip. haha. isabel then started thinking about this man making proposal to this girl when the robbery happened. then i added more drama to it by saying it’s ZAC EFRON PROPOSING TO VANESSA HUDGENS, and was very high about it, which made shuhui very super annoyed. then all these ridiculous things were then drafted and corrected into a quite decent compo, until when i interrupted again saying there should be hostages and the robber will then have to take the hostages towards the exit where they could then run away and all. then jerica said THEN THE ROBBER ACCIDENTALLY FELL BACKWARDS AND GOT CAUGHT!!! whahaas!!! so dramatic and fun. and we actually did write that thing down. so yea, i wonder how the class will react when we present our draft… WHAHAHSAS!!!

math was alright. except after the test the stupid fake frog that literally woke me up was back in action again. i freaked out so much i screamed. joel went to scare shuhui with it and she cried. LOLS. ya i think that’s all for today. EDIT. haha i almost forgot. we had our usual friday gathering today too. went to mac to eat mcflurry after our lunch. haha. crapped there. and i think i saw jianing. and bernice and YJ saw their pri. school friend too. lol. and that means that their pri sch. friend is friends with my pri. sch. friend now. haha!!! quite complicated. but such things do really happen. YJ left and we crapped and arm wrestled all the way. haha. so funny. then bernice and mandy went home while i accompanied shuhui to buy earsticks. went into courts and, shopped like siao. at 1st we just went in to see computers and stuffs, then mp3 players, then into THE FURNITURE AREA. we went to try every of the sofas there, the hard ones, the soft ones, and every other things you can think of. we still talked about our dreamhouse and blah. haha. we had quite the same taste lor. we even decided to go that big big ikea some day after the exams. isabel u on right? whahahas! then we went to see rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, and even refrigerators. haha. and when we went out of courts, BIG TIME. IT’S 7PM. so now u can imagine how long we yaddled there. haha. edit finished.

tuesday was racial harmony and i was the emcee. haha. big thank you to azura who borrowed me her costume! took pictures and all. later i’ll try to get some and post. after that me and isabel left at 2pm for the leadership training at marsiling pri. the kids were very cute and, haha, funny. but mdm soh thought i was funnier… WL and isabel told me i almost made her laugh until the tears came out. so conclusion, quite nice week spent . haha next. pictures… some can go back to the CIP k. haha.


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July 25, 2008 at 9:54 PM

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