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>hellos! hmms. this week’s filled with quite alot of meetings and meetings AND MORE MEETINGS. sometimes there’s still rehearsals. and on thursday i got a racial harmony day rehearsal (yes, i’m the narrator, AND THE MC…>.<), and COE meeting, AND TEACHERS' DAY MEETING. so yea, quite busy, but fun too. hmms. i'm beginning to like the council more and more. and my passion for my CCA has, yea. dropped quite alot. hmms. i'm feeling quite hopeless. but nevertheless i'm still enjoying myself VERY VERY MUCH in the council. yea. that's all i think. CCA is like a chore to me now. and what's more is, i'm not going to batam. and it's not because i don't want, but i can't. ya somewhat i think. don't care le.

yesterday was also very fun. i had another rehearsal, and yes, another sec3 meeting. but i was taken away to count $$$ for the teachers’ day thing. i wonder where’s the money from our class though… hmms… after that weiloke joel and me went to the library to borrow some photoshop books for dummies… haha. i admit i’m a dummy at photoshop and blah. i really am. cos despite me taking the correct version de book, i still can’t seem to figure out how to play with it. yes. really. but i was right for trusting isabel. haha. i chose the CS3 de guide. and weiloke still bought joel that cool cool nike earphones! SO NICE! but i think i prefer sony ba/ and we saw mr loh with 3 other FEMALE TEAchers!!! lols!!! on the way home there’s a wierd guy who seriously freaked me out. i forgot what happened le, but i know i was seriously freaked out. but after the escalator, i think i forgot all about it. haha. so yea. that’s all i think

i will post last week’s cip and some pictures when i reach ahma’s house later. i decided on doing a video or something compiling all the TW de photos ba. i think it’s more easier than just dragging the photos around blogger. so ya, i’ll try my best. 😛


Written by GekTeng

July 19, 2008 at 7:48 PM

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