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>HELLOS!!! i haven’t been blogging for such a long long time… zzz and now i’m still wondering how to collate the 1000+++ picutres me and my aunt and ivan kor took in taiwan. should i post?!???? i’m feeling too lazy too… and i dont even have the time to post i think. hmms. school’s been so good for the past err, 2+ weeks. i’ve been continueing sitting for isabel, whose craziness cracks me up everyday. LOLS same frequency and blah. just like YOHANNIS. oh I MISS YOHANNIS! dunno how she’s doing with her studies now? ALL THE BEST!!! and oh, i like your koala! haha. so yea. school’s been great and i’ve been volunteering alot for those counsillor work. hopefully i wont get too immersed in them ba. the council is getting more fun each day. (except i have to pull my socks up higher… >.<) so yea, everything's great. i even went for oral le. i'll just keep my fingers crossed. cos the more i think about it, the more i'm thinking i'm not going to do well. ARGH. bye bye. will try my best to post. if dun wan oso can la. tell me in tagboard ba. haha.


Written by GekTeng

July 10, 2008 at 6:33 PM

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